King Palm 1¼ Size Hemp Papers with Filter Tips – Natural


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Won’t say too much about King Palm as I have already raved on about them enough. What I will say is that I did not expect them to be as insanely popular as they have been. I keep selling out of the King Palm range of pre-rolled papers and the reviews are always positive. King Palm has revolutionised rolling elevating the humble palm leaf to cult status. This is a brand that doesn’t seem to take a break with new products appearing at a steady rate, all still revolving around rolling papers but now with a focus on materials other than palm leaves. I now present to you their 1¼ sized hemp rolling papers with tips (slim cardboard) included.


A magnetised booklet filled with 40 1¼ Sized Leaves of Natural Hemp Rolling Papers. 100% of the finest hemp fibres have been used to craft ultrathin papers for a slow burn. King Palm branded filter tips are also provided. Thin cardboard that is unperforated.

Capacity: Holds up to 0.75g of herbal material each once rolled.


x1 Booklet King Palm 1¼ Sized Hemp Rolling Papers and Filter Tips – 40 of each


  • Size: 1¼”
  • 100% Hemp Papers
  • Includes Filter Tips
  • Holds 0.75g of Cannabis
  • 40 papers and 40 tips per pack
  • Strong magnetic closure
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