King Palm 1¼ Size Ultrathin French Rolling Papers w/x11 Lemon Haze Filter Tips


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Won’t say too much about King Palm as I have already raved on about them enough. What I will say is that I did not expect them to be as insanely popular as they have been. I keep selling out of the King Palm range of pre-rolled papers and the reviews are always positive. King Palm has revolutionised rolling elevating the humble palm leaf to cult status. This is a brand that doesn’t seem to take a break with new products appearing at a steady rate, all still revolving around rolling papers but now with a focus on materials other than palm leaves. I now present to you their 1¼ Sized French Brown Rolling Papers with included “squeeze to pop” filter tips for added flavour.


A small booklet that contains 24 leaves of French Brown Rolling Papers along with 11 Flavour Tips. A weird combination of numbers! All 11 filters contains a “squeeze to pop” terpene ball within. Lemon Haze flavour in this case. Smaller sized and ultra thin papers made from wood pulp for those that like things on the petite side. You will need to decide when you want to use one of the filters, you have 11 options! Until then all filter tips sit within their own slide out drawer. Real lemon terpenes have been used for authentic flavour.


  • x1 Pack King Palm 1¼ Size Ultra thin French Rolling Papers
  • x11 Lemon Haze Filter Tips


  • French Rolling Paper
  • Ultra thin
  • Unbleached
  • 1¼ Size
  • Squeeze to pop filter
  • Terpene filled ball within filter
  • Lemon Haze flavour in filter
  • Slide out drawer for filters
  • 24 sheets
  • 11 Lemon Haze Filter Tips
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