Kryptonite Multi-Purpose Clay Based Cleaner


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I bore people on a daily basis with my carry on about keeping your herbal vaporisers and glassware as pristine as you can possibly get them. And not just occasionally but constantly as there is no bigger factor that will affect your experience, and more importantly your health. Smoking in particular will never be good for you but inhaling through a gunked up device adds another element of “dirtiness” that can’t be ignored. Don’t clean off the gunk then you can expect to inhale some of it over time.

There is a wide multitude of cleaning products specifically geared towards the 420 market and almost all make wide claims of being “all purpose” and “all natural”. Sadly, all are not telling the truth. I have also witnessed an interesting anomaly amongst my customers with some swearing by one type of product that others literally despise. So I guess a lot comes down to one’s own usage and preferences. For me though I am constantly on a mission to be wowed by new (or old) products that deliver what they promise. Isopropyl Alcohol (90% and above purity) still remains my most often used cleaner, but Kryptonite may be about to pull it off of its perch!


Let’s get the accolades out of the way first, Kryptonite has been voted the best bong and glass cleaner in Colorado as well as being on the best cleaners in the USA. A fairly big call especially from Colorado, the home of recreational marijuana! As a lover of science, I can also appreciate the scientific approach that has been taken to develop this multi-use cleaner. All cleaning products within their range have been created and then tested by scientists and chemists. Devices for cannabis usage were specifically tested and this formula cuts through the toughest tars, resins and all other things sticky. Lastly, if you weren’t impressed yet Kryptonite is used by a vast array of dispensaries in the USA to keep their stock/displays in tip top condition.

TIP: Can clean the following – bongs, water pipes, flower bowls, bangers, dab rigs, extraction tubes, tools, grinders, scissors, grow rooms, storage containers, curing jars, tray, your hands and clothing.

Kryptonite is a clay based water-soluble cleaner. No harsh chemicals or abrasives of any sort are added, and it has been shown to be complaint with EPA standards for environmental impact. This innovative cleaner is not only brilliant for all glass but also ceramic, metal and fabric. Designed to effortlessly clean all those annoying hard-to-reach areas by coating everywhere it touches. And the best bit? No chemical residue/odour is left behind whatsoever. So how exactly does it work? In a nutshell, clay has the ability to absorb products and encapsulate them. Kind of the reason why women use face masks that are clay based. Kryptonite absorbs the tars and resins then holds onto them for removal via warm water. Simples!

TIP: Unlike many other cleaners (including Alcohol) this one is not flammable.


Pour a small amount into your piece (removing any accessories/parts for separate cleaning). Swirl the solution around ensuring all surfaces are coated. You wont need much. If there is more than one opening to a device pour in a little of the liquid into all of them (remember every surface needs to be coated). If you are cleaning a glass piece with a diffuser/percolator setup within you may need to turn the piece upside down to ensure the liquid enters. Any extra unused liquid that has not coated the piece can be decanted back into the bottle for further use. For small pieces I recommend a small plastic bag (heavy duty with no holes) be used for soaking. Now time to wait, 30 minutes is recommended before you rinse with warm water. All done!


X1 Small bottle of Kryptonite Multi-purpose Clay based Cleaner 2fl oz (60ml) OPAQUE BOTTLE


  • Clay based
  • Award winning
  • Scientifically developed
  • Multi use
  • Coats hard to reach areas
  • Easy to use
  • No residue
  • Good for glass, ceramic, fabric, skin and metal
  • 2fl oz (60ml)
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