Kung Fu 380mah Vape Battery Stick – Red


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This company based in Washington is leading the industry in technology and innovation. Their mission is to use forward thinking engineering to create high end and well-constructed vaporisers and accessories. To push the vaporiser industry to new levels of quality. They have engineered every component to be the best it can be. Cartridges that do not leak or clog, batteries that do not have spikes in power output as well as heavy duty construction. This battery unit is an inexpensive way to start vaping or a good second option for vaping on the go.

This 380mAh variable voltage stick battery By Kung Fu has been designed for on the go no fuss vaping. It is very small/slim in size and has a cartridge warming setting. The voltage is adjustable (3 clicks on power button).

Red 3.4v
Yellow 3.7v
White 4.0v


 510 universal threading allows you to attach any standard pre-loaded cartridge to your device. Also available from Kung Fu Vapes is the John Fu ceramic 510 threaded (.5ml $25) cartridge. These cartridges are ceramic – no more broken glass and are easy to load and thread onto your battery.

The battery is rechargeable (included magnetic mini USB cord) so no need to dispose when done.

To use: Simply charge your battery with the included USB charger. Screw onto the threading your preferred 510 preloaded cartridge. 5 presses of the button to power on. 2 presses to preheat. You are ready to inhale (hold down power button).

Contains – 380mAh variable voltage stick battery and a magnetic mini USB charging cord. Cartridges sold separately.