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This company based in Washington may be small with only a handful of products, but I greatly admire their technology and innovation. Their mission is to use forward thinking engineering to create high end and well-constructed vaporisers and accessories. To push the vaporiser industry to new levels of quality. They have engineered every component to be the best it can be. Cartridges that do not leak or clog, batteries that do not have spikes in power output as well as heavy duty construction. I personally find this to be the best-looking thick oil vaporiser that I own (and sell).


The Pocket Rig 4.0 is the ultimate Nano Box Mod battery manufactured and designed for disposable vape cartridges. It incorporates a 900mAh high capacity battery (fast charging) with 4 variable voltage settings. Comes beautifully packaged and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand this vaporiser utilises Patent Pending ceramic cartridge heating technology and will fill almost all 510 threaded cartridges (see below for more on this). A gold magnetic adapter is provided to keep your cartridges in place.

There is a screen on the Kung Fu Rig and this display will tell you the current battery status, voltage set and any warning indicators. The USB Port (USB-C) is just beneath the screen, allowing you to charge the unit in an upright position. Haptic feedback (vibration) will alert you when you turn the unit on/off. Lastly, the power button is backlit.

TIP: No cartridges are included in this kit.


4 variable voltages have been provided with this mod, almost all other herbal oil vapes I sell (and own) provide 3 options for voltage. Kung Fu has decided that they want to provide more nuanced options. Once on, you can easily cycle through each option by clicking twice on the power button. Each new voltage setting will appear on screen. I get asked a lot “what voltage should I use?” and my answer is whichever suits your needs. You should look at the voltages as you would temperatures, with each subsequent one an increase in temperature provided. Lower voltages will be smoother and less intense potency-wise whilst higher temp may be a little harsher with increased potency. I tend to recommend starting low and working your way up if not satisfied.

  • 2.7V
  • 3V
  • 3.5V
  • 4.0V


The vast majority of cartridges on the market will easily fit this vape but as this is the style of oil cartridge where you insert the cartridge within the body of the vape, I recommend that you ensure your cartridge is 10mm and below in diameter. A gold magnetic adapter is provided in the box, this adapter screws onto the base of your cartridge (510 threaed) enabling you to simply “drop” the cartridge into the unit. The magnetic adapter will keep the cartridge in place till you gently pull it out.

TIP: Please, please, please keep a hold of the gold adapter when you are disposing of your used cartridges. Without one your cartridge will not stay in place.


Sounds like such a cosy mode! I am picturing a cartridge wrapped in a cashmere blanket. In all seriousness this is a pretty nifty feature which allows you to preheat your cartridge if needed. Preheating is required if your cartridge has clogged up, isn’t heating or has separated. Preheating your oil can also help you vape more effectively and will help to create more vapour. This mode lasts for 20 seconds but you can exit prior to this time if desired.


Another reason that this is the vape that I use is the fact that safety features come standard. The Kung Fu Rig 4.0 will go into protection mode if it detects an issue. Protection mode will kick in when any of the following occurs…

  • Low voltage protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • 1.0ohm or lower atomiser/cart
  • Not compatible

The vape will also let you know if your cart is not detected or if there is too much heat being produced.


  • X1 Kung Fu Rig 4.0
  • X1 Gold magnetic adapter
  • X1 USB-C Charging cable
  • X1 Instruction manual
  • X1 Storage box


  • 900mAh battery
  • Fast charging
  • 4 voltage options
  • Haptic feedback
  • Cart warming feature
  • USB-C Port
  • Display screen
  • Magnetic connector (510 adapter)
  • Backlit power button

Black/White, Pink/Blue

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