Kush Conical Herbal Prerolled Wraps – Mixed Grape 2 per pack


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My mission of world domination in stocking the most unique and innovative rolling papers continues with the inclusion of Kush Herbal Wraps (and Cones). Wraps and cones made from pure hemp are my latest obsession and I am searching high and low for the finest options. Kush Herbal offers a few different varieties including Kush Conical Wraps and Kush pre-rolled Cones and that’s not factoring in the myriad of flavour options available.


These are Kush Conical Herbal Wraps. What does that mean? Now before I start, I will explain that these are wraps that have been pre-rolled into cones for you. Confusing I know, but I guess they wanted to make things easier for you!

Wraps are like very large rolling papers that have been modelled on “blunts”. A blunt is generally a hollowed-out cigar that is then refilled (usually with an herbal substance) and smoked. The problem with this method is the fact that they are made out of tobacco leaves. To get around this problem hemp wraps became all the rage as they resemble “blunts” without the negative association to tobacco (many toxic additives). Smoking will never be healthy for you, but better options can always be sought.


Inside the resealable pouch you will find x2 pre-rolled wraps (so don’t worry if you are not a proficient roller). Each made from 100% Industrial Hemp from Canada. Hemp tends to burn in a slow manner with a smooth hit with each draw so each cone should last you quite a while. Each cone sits nestled within the other and both are encased in a plastic shell, so they maintain their perfect form till ready for use. There is a tip in each and a poker is included.

Grape is a polarising flavour in my opinion, you either love it or you don’t. A juicy and fairly sweet flavour that kind of bursts out at you. It doesn’t end there though, to add nuance and complexity to the flavour a variety of grapes were used.


  • X2 Kush Conical Herbal Wraps – Mixed Grape
  • X1 Resealable pouch


  • 100% Industrial Canadian Hemp
  • Mixed Grape Flavour
  • Sweet and Delicious
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Burns Slowly and Evenly
  • Two Conical Wraps per Pack

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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