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My quest to stock as many varieties of innovative rolling papers as I possibly can continues. Not sure when I will decide that I have enough, but that time is not now (and not soon)! As I have stated in many of my write ups, smoking is never ever going to be healthy for you but that does not mean that less damaging methods should not be sought. Not all rolling papers are created equal with some using substances such as bleach or chalk during processing.


I sell papers made from a few different materials such as hemp, ultra fine, cellulose (transparent), palm leaves, banana leaves, flax and corn. There is a reason to choose each (burn rate, taste, thickness etc) with personal preference the reason why a certain type is favoured.

Rice is a relatively new addition to my rolling paper wall (I am running out of wall) and is not a style of paper that I was aware of during my rolling days. I have been a 100% herbal vaper for quite a while now, so I have had to do a little research to ensure my information is correct.

Rice papers are made by processing rice, pressing it and then stretching it into thin sheets. How cool is that! Papers made from rice are some of the thinnest papers available. In my opinion this poses a positive and a negative. Positive because you are inhaling the least amount of paper possible and negative as they will require a gentle touch when handled. Incredibly thin papers that somehow also burn quite slowly. Taste is a massive reason why most buy rice papers with the least amount of aftertaste on offer. A clean and light experience that allows you to focus on the terpene profile of your herbal material.


  • X1 Pack of Kush Ultra fine 1¼ size Rolling Papers (50 per pack)


  • Size: 1¼”
  • All-natural and unbleached
  • Made with rice & organic hemp
  • 50 leaves per booklet
  • Made in France by Kush

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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