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With a name like Kush RX it is not too hard to figure out what sort of market this brand is geared around. An American Brand (Chicago), a quick perusal of their website (nice site) shows that The Rollr is their hero product and their goal is to provide products for the everyday consumer to help them perfect their rolling game. A perfect cone rolled effortlessly in almost no time is what they offer.


The vast majority of rolling papers in my Bondi Vape Store are of the king size variety and even my most connoisseur customers struggle rolling the perfect cone with larger papers. Creases, dislodged filters and ripped paper are a pretty common experience for many. If this sounds familiar to you then you really only have 3 options; either find a friend who enjoys rolling for you, buy pre-rolled cones or buy a Kush RX Rollr from me!

The Rollr is such a simple product which is what makes it so brilliant! Technically a 2-piece unit with a funnel portion as well as a poker. The poker nestles inside the larger funnel portion when not needed. The whole device is made from black plastic and I can’t imagine how you could break it without exerting a lot of force. Easy to clean and easy to use.

The back of the box has some clear and concise pictures showing you exactly how to use the Rollr (so hard not to type the letter e!) so I will only briefly recap the instructions.

  • Start by wrapping your rolling paper around the tube into your desired shape. Don’t forget the filter.
  • Lick and seal the paper.
  • Pull out the Rollr from the pre-rolled paper.
  • Separate both parts of the device so you are left with the top funnel portion in your hand. Place the poker to one side.
  • Hold the funnel over the cone and gently pour your herbal material within.
  • Use the poker tool to finish off your creation.


X1 Kush RX The Rollr


  • 2-piece device
  • Durable black plastic
  • Large funnel
  • Incorporated poker tool
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