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Visitors to my store marvel at the wide and sometimes eccentric range of products on offer. I am constantly on the look out for something a “little different” so I can offer a one-stop shopping experience for lovers of the 420 lifestyle. KuskKards Greeting cards are one such product and I am pretty happy to stock them.

KushKards are basically a greeting card just not your typical version that Hallmark makes. You won’t find anything like them in your local newsagent as each cards comes with a built-in spot to attach a pre-rolled product of your choosing as well as a complimentary match striker located on the bottom of each card (matches also included). KushKards merge the cannabis and gift giving communities in a truly unique and creative way.

To use: Simply pull the strings back, remove the pre-rolled, take a match and light the pre-rolled attached.

Note: Nothing pre-rolled is included, you must add your own.

Contains: x1 KushKards Greeting card (It’s 420 Somewhere), x1 envelope and x1 box of matches.

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