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I have stocked Linx Vapor products for some time now and they quickly became one of my go-to herbal vape brands, I just really love everything they do with a strong focus on aesthetics and high functionality. Every vape they produce is insanely beautiful and meticulously crafted (Gaia, Eden, Ares, Blaze, Hypnos etc). They say you shouldn’t judge a book (or a vape) by its cover, but you can rest assured that the inner workings of all Linx vaporisers are of the highest quality and are made using the safest materials they can source. Clean and pure flavour can be expected with all Linx Vaporisers.

Linx offers a 1-year limited warranty.


The Linx Blaze portable herbal concentrates vaporiser has been a massive seller for my store, a slim pen-like dab portable vaporiser. Pretty sure I have not had even one returned! So, I was pretty excited when Linx told me about the all-new Apollo a few months ago. Without even seeing them I pre-ordered and now I finally have them in hand. I gathered the staff and we all opened the box together. Linx knows how to impress and we were not disappointed with the carry case and the contents within!

A black hard shell carry case with the Linx logo upon the top and a zipper encircling the case. This case is divided in half with a middle divider. One side is foam lined for your actual vaporiser while the other side houses your accessories with 2 mesh pouches and a zippered compartment. The case will help keep your vape safe whist the electronic safety protections (short circuit, low battery etc) will work hard to keep you safe.

The Apollo itself is made up of 2 main components. The Apollo Base and the Apollo Glass Bubbler. Linx has been pretty crafty and have created a concentrates vaporiser that you can use in 2 different ways technically making the Apollo a desktop as well as a portable device. More on this later. As with all high-quality concentrates vaporisers the heating chamber/atomiser is made from Quartz. Quartz is quite popular in the world of dabbing and is a great option for low temperature vaping of concentrates. Quartz heats up incredibly fast and requires low energy input to achieve it. Quartz is also said to provide very pure flavour and a high level of vapour. A carb cap (tethered to the top) has been supplied to enable you to control your airflow.

TIP: Linx prides itself on creating toxin-free vaporisers. They test their vapes for any contaminants that can impact on the purity of your experience. All materials used are neutral and heat resistant.

The internal rechargeable (USB) battery has a capacity of 2600mAh, and a full charge should take between 2-3 hours. Smart and accurate heating is provided by the Apollo and 4 pre-set temperatures have been provided for you to toggle through with the last one set being the default. Each temperature is denoted via a different colour and takes an average of 8-10 seconds to reach. As of writing this review I am unable to get exact temperatures for you.

  • Low – Blue
  • Medium – Green
  • Medium High – Yellow
  • High – Red

There is also an included “Heat Boost” mode enabling you to send a large burst of high heat directly to the atomiser. As a low temperature dabber this feature is not for me but those that like it on the more intense side may enjoy it. I would also use this feature for cleaning (vaping) off any gunk from within the atomiser.


It is not the easiest thing to travel with your dabbing/concentrates gear. Desktop units are easily breakable whilst pen style devices come with their own drawbacks in terms of flavour/cleaning etc. This is where Linx Vapor has tried to really stand out from the crowd by creating a device that easily offers you the ability to use your vape wherever/however you desire. Just a quick word on the included Linx Bubbler attachment, it is really beautiful and quite roomy within.

  • Desktop – a glass bubbler/water pipe is required for you to turn the Apollo into a desktop unit. The Apollo base inserts into a male or female down stem. The device inserts directly into a female down stem or an adapter is provided for usage with a male down stem (will fit either 14 or 18mm). Once connected you should have an airtight seal. You now technically have an e-rig with the Apollo playing the part of the torch.
  • Portable – connect the entire Apollo (including airflow regulator) to the included Glass Linx Vapor Apollo Bubbler. A percolator sits within this bubbler, which should help provide you some nice and solid milky hits. Don’t overfill with water (just above percolator slits) and remember to use the silicone airflow regulator to modify the experience (finger on or off).

TIP: The Apollo incorporates Overheat Protection whereby the device will go into standby after 30 seconds of continuous heating. Standby will shut down after 30 seconds too.


  • X1 2600mAh Apollo Base
  • X1 Quartz Atomiser
  • X1 Carb Cap
  • X1 Glass Bubbler
  • X1 Silicone Airflow Sleeve (pre-installed in base)
  • X1 Male Water Pipe Adapter (fits 14 or 18mm down stems)
  • X1 USB Charger
  • X1 Carry Case
  • X1 Silicone Airflow Regulator
  • X1 Tool
  • X1 Cleaning Brush


  • All quartz heating chamber
  • One touch heat boost
  • Four preset temperatures
  • Smart and accurate heating control
  • 2600mAH large capacity battery
  • Airflow regulation
  • Metal casing
  • Carrying case included
  • Heavy metals tested
  • Fits male and female glass ware
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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