Linx Vapor Eden Dry Herb and Wax Dual Use Herbal Vaporiser



Linx is fast becoming one of my go-to herbal vape brands, I just really love everything they do with a strong focus on aesthetics and high functionality. Every vape they produce is insanely beautiful and meticulously crafted (Gaia, Ares, Hypnos etc). They say you shouldn’t judge a book (or a vape) by its cover and you can rest assured that the inner workings of all Linx vaporisers are of the highest quality and are made using the safest materials they can source. Clean and pure flavour can be expected with all Linx Vaporisers.


The Eden is a smallish cylindrical vape pen style of dry herb vaporiser (technically dual use – more on that later). Maybe not small enough to fit into your pocket but definitely small enough for on-the-go vaping. A glass straw like mouthpiece sits atop with a magnetic top cap to keep your glass hygienic (why don’t all vapes have this nifty feature?).

A 2500mAh (built in Lithium Ion) rechargeable battery should provide you with approximately 60-90 minutes of vaping dependent on temperature selected and usage). A full charge takes 3-4 hours via the included USB Cable (USB-C). On the front of the vape is the power button along with 4 LED Lights to show you temperature settings and battery capacity.

As with the amazing Gaia Vaporiser the Eden has a 100% Quartz heating chamber and a clean vapour pathway, both working hard to provide amazing flavour. Other innovative features include convection heating, heat boost, stealth mode, lava plates for concentrates vaping, haptic feedback and air insulation technology.

Measuring: 24mm x 130mm and weighs 116g.


The vast majority of heating chambers on the market today are made with ceramic but Linx doesn’t like to be like everybody else so they stepped it up a notch! Why Quartz you ask? Quartz is considered to be a neutral material meaning that your herbal material will not be adulterated or affected in any way. Resulting in a pure, clean and somewhat healthier vapour/flavour (healthier as compared to other inert materials used in certain lower quality vaporisers).

TIP: The chamber is quite a decent size and should hold around 0.25g (or less) of herb.

The Eden heats via convection and has 4 pre-set temperatures as standard. Convection is described as heating via a stream of hot air whereby your herb has no direct contact with a hot surface. A great option for flavoursome and good quality vapour. Convection heating works well for drawn out sessions and requires long, deep breaths. This unit heats quite fast (30 seconds) and you are ready for use (haptic feedback). The 4 pre-set temperatures include;

  • 360F / 182°C (blue)
  • 380F / 193°C (green)
  • 400F / 204°C (yellow)
  • 428F / 220°C (red)


The Eden will provide you with amazing flavour and taste due to the clean air path, whereby incoming air bypasses internal electronic components and flows directly through the next generation quartz chamber and Linx’s signature glass mouthpiece. This is advanced insulation technology and essentially means that the Eden uses 100% air rather than synthetic materials to insulate heat from the vaporisation process. In a nutshell – no toxic insulation materials to be inhaled. There is a downside to this technology whereby the vaporiser will feel quite warm after multiple uses.

TIP: To counteract any increase in external temperature Linx provides a silicone sleeve to slip over the body of the vaporiser. Longer mouthpieces are also available to purchase if you would like a extended pathway.


As mentioned earlier this is technically a dual use vape allowing you to vape either dry herb or herbal concentrates. And this is the best bit (!!) – you can vape both at the same time! Yes, I am referring to dry herbal material being vaped within the same chamber and at the same time as you vape concentrates. Crazy, right??

To achieve the above you will need to use both lava plates at once. The first is to be inserted into the base of the heating chamber. You can now place a small amount of wax directly on top. Place the second lava plate directly over the first, basically creating a dabbing sandwich of sorts! You can now place your dry herbal material in the remainder of the heating chamber and power on as above. A high temperature will be required to effectively vaporise the wax.

TIP: The included Lava Plates (basically steel pads) sit at the base of the quartz chamber and can be taken in and out relatively easily.


  • x1 Linx Eden
  • x1 magnetic mouthpiece
  • x3 silicone mouthpiece cap
  • x1 cleaning brush
  • x3 glass mouthpiece tubes
  • x1 USB-C Charger
  • x4 filter screens
  • x3 Lava plates
  • x1 silicone sleeve


  • Dimensions 24mm x 130mm (with mouthpiece)
  • Lithium-ion battery – 3-4-hour recharge 2500mAh
  • All Quartz heating chamber (13mm diameter x 11mm Depth)
  • True convection heating
  • Advanced Insulation Technology
  • Heat Boost Mode
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Metal casing
  • Dual use herbal vaping
  • Lava plates for use with wax
  • Magnetic cap
  • Variable precise temperature control (4 options)
  • 1-year Limited Warranty

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