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Linx Vapor Gaia 2200mAh Quartz dry herb Vaporiser


All new Quartz heating chanber for superior flavour

I often write about how aesthetically pleasing I find many of the products that I sell but without question the Gaia dry herb vaporiser almost makes me want to cry. Sounds dramatic but the craftsmanship of this piece is next level in my opinion. The vertically brushed aluminium casing and chrome accents are meticulously crafted from top quality metals giving Gaia a sleek and elegant look that is hard to compare. Linx Vapor is well known for their top-shelf wax pens (Hypnos Zero and Ares anyone?) with the Gaia being their first foray into dry herb vaporising.  Available in 3 colours; Steel, Onyx and Gold – each more sexier than the next.
Powerful yet small enough to sit discreetly in your palm (50 mm x 24 mm x 80 mm -mouthpiece unattached). The Gaia looks for the most part like a mod box allowing you to vape without drawing too much attention. On the flip side if you want attention just wave this super cool vaporiser around and the crowds will come running! The Gaia comes complete with an internal unremovable battery (Lithium-ion 2200mAh) that you charge via the included USB Cable. A full charge takes 3-4 hours and will work for between an impressive 60-90 minutes. Voltage input 5v.

Linx Vapor prides itself on attention to detail internally as well as externally. You may hear a lot about “world firsts” in the vape world but this one is for real. Almost all dry herb vaporisers have a ceramic heating chamber (or stainless steel) whereas the Gaia decided to break with tradition to become the first ever dry herb vape with a Quartz chamber. Quartz has been a big deal with wax concentrate connoisseurs and now it’s dry herbs turn!The Gaia is a hybrid of conduction & convection heating and the primary way your herb gets vaporised is by heat radiated through the quartz oven walls. The heating element surrounds the outside of the chamber, and since the walls are transparent you can actually see the element through it. Expect your herb to be thoroughly and efficiently vaporised. Capacity-wise the oven is slightly smaller than average (10mmx20mm), you can fit about 0.25g in there max if you grind fine and pack tight. From this amount you can expect anywhere from 10-20 draws during a session depending on how long and hard you pull for.

To maximise the surface area within the chamber it is recommended that you use a grinder (such as the space case, groove or OTTO grinders) to ensure uniformity across your herb. This also endures that you don’t waste any of your precious herb.

Flavour and taste are the main descriptors that I keep coming across with my research of the Gaia. This is due to the clean air path, whereby incoming air bypasses internal electronic components and flows directly through the next generation quartz chamber and Linx’s signature glass mouthpiece. This is advanced insulation technology and essentially means that the Gaia uses 100% air rather than synthetic materials to insulate heat from the vaporisation process. In a nutshell – no toxic insulation materials to be inhaled.

On the side of the Gaia is where you will find the OLED Screen along with the power button and 2 small adjustment buttons (+/-). These buttons are all highly responsive and extremely smooth. The screen provides all the information you need to vape including precise temperature and battery life. A major plus of the Gaia is the ability to choose the exact temperature you prefer allowing you to fully customise each session (93°C – 220°C with 40 seconds to heat up). Want more flavour and/or less odour? Simply lower the temperature. Want a bigger hit/more vapour? Crank that temperature right up.

Another point of difference in this cool as anything unit is the glass mouthpiece, bringing you clean, smooth and pure flavour. To protect this glass mouthpiece there is a magnetic chrome top cap. Easy to remove and easy to replace, just be careful not to lose it! At the base of the Gaia you can also find a magnetically stored packing tool. No more scrounging around for a tamping tool, simply pull it out as needed. Careful not to lose this either!


To use: Despite all it’s advancements the Gaia is incredibly easy to use. Remove the magnetic top cap and unscrew the glass mouthpiece to reveal the chamber. Slide out the packing tool from the base of the unit and use it to load your herb into the chamber. Pack firmly but not too tight. Replace the glass mouthpiece and the packing tool (don’t lose these!). To power on – x5 clicks of the power button (also to turn off). Select your desired temperature by pressing the +/- keys. Different herbs require different temperature levels, if unsure do a little research first to determine best levels. Once you have set the desired temperature press the power button to start the heating process. Whilst heating a blinking flame will appear on the display screen. Once heating is complete (flame solid) simply hold down the power button and inhale. Sit back and marvel.

The Gaia is extremely easy to clean. 3 areas to focus on are the quartz heating chamber, the glass mouthpiece and the threading around the glass mouthpiece. The purest Isoporopyl Alcohol you can get your hands on (at least 90%) should do the job. Douse a cotton bud (Higher Standards Pipe Stix are perfect) with your Iso and rub across areas to be cleaned.

**Take care with your Gaia. Dropping the unit may result in the Quartz heating chamber shattering, especially if still hot.**


  • Lithium-ion battery – 3-4-hour recharge 2200mAh
  • All Quartz heating chamber (10mmx20mm)
  • Conduction and convection heating
  • Advanced Insulation Technology
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • OLED Screen
  • Variable precise temperature control
  • 1-year Limited Warranty

Contains: 1 Linx Gaia, with all quartz heating chamber,1 Linx Gaia Mouthpiece Cap, 1 Steel Tool, 1 Cleaning brush, 1 GAIA Funnel, 1 Linx 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB Charger (Use micro USB connector to charge Gaia)


Gold, Onyx, Steel

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