Luky8 Odour Eliminator Spray Berry flavoured 50ml


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The elimination of certain odours can make the difference between an enjoyable smoking experience and one fraught with anxiety. The smell of certain herbs in particular can overwhelm a room, lingering for long periods of time. I have searched high and low to provide my customers with a variety of odour-control solutions and can now proudly showcase LUKY8, a premium Canadian brand.


LUKY8 has a goal of providing as positive an experience to those who choose to smoke by providing a bio-degradable and completely safe odour removing spray (and candles) that works in the air as well as clothing/furniture. LUKY8 uses science to create their sprays in their own laboratories by qualified chemists. Each and every ingredient used is carefully selected by this team. LUKY8 is a water-based product that contains odour eliminating compounds that have been chosen as they eliminate a wide range of odours. A slight fragrance of berries has been added for your pleasure.

This spray works fast, whether in a small or a large room. Odours are not masked but are neutralised. This occurs on a molecular level whereby each odour molecule is sought out before being destroyed. The formula has been scientifically tested/proven to work safely and effectively. Safe enough to spray around pets and people as often as you like. Just take care around the face/eyes.  


Point away from any face in the room and spray the area. Repeat as often as needed. You can spray directly onto your furniture, home fabrics or your clothes. I would recommend you don’t over spray and overly saturate any surfaces.


x1 50ml Berry flavoured LUKY8 Odour Eliminator spray bottle.


  • Interacts with odours on a molecular level.
  • Fast neutralising action.
  • Non-toxic formula that is safe to use around pets and people.
  • Can be sprayed in the air or on fabrics.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Masterly crafted on the Canadian East Coast.
  • 50mL spray ideal for home use.
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