Marijuana Amp Speaker Notched Ashtray


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Would be weird if I didn’t stock ashtrays in my Bondi Herbal Vape/420 Lifestyle Boutique and it would be even weirder if I stocked ugly and unimaginative ones too! That’s not the way I do things here at We are Lux as my premise is to create a shopping experience like no other available in Australia at this point in time. An all-in-one-stop-shop showcasing all of the best offerings available worldwide that I can get my hands on.


Back to ashtrays, an indispensable item that all smokers (and vapers/dabbers) should own. Of course, you could ash into a can or any old fire-proof container but why should you? The way I look at is that I am an adult and I respect the role that herbal medicine plays in my life so why shouldn’t my accessories match.

For this reason, I endeavour to cover as many interests as I can when searching out for accessories to stock. This choice was made for all the musicians/music lovers out there and is modeled on an Amplifier Speaker. Super thick ceramic painted black with artwork applied. This ashtray is quite deep, rectangular is shape and divided into 2 distinct areas.

  • Notched out square shaped zone. This is where you ash and lean your hot items.
  • Slim rectangular zone. Store your matches, lighter etc away from the ash.

Measuring: 14cms x 10.5cms


x1 Super cool Marijuana Amp Speaker Ceramic Ashtray

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