Marijuana Edibles – 40 easy desserts by Laurie Wolf and Mary Thigpen


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My in store cookbook range is ever growing and my plan to create the most comprehensive library for my customers never ends. Not just any old books that I can get my hands on but thoroughly researched, interesting and highly informative ones. Cookbooks focused on medicinal edibles are exploding at the current moment with many prescription holders experimenting with various methods of ingestion (vape, bubblers, rolling paper, pipe, oils, concentrates etc). Herbal medicine once orally ingested will need a little more time for effective relief to appear (possible downside) but these effects are longer lasting than other methods of ingestion (possible upside).  


Not just the first names of the 2 authors but also the name of their award-winning Marijuana Edibles Company based out of Oregon in the United States. Medicinal and recreational use is legal in Oregon so there was nothing standing in their way to forge ahead to create their brand. A brand very well known for high quality and delicious edibles. They are also the team behind the popular recipe blog “Don’t fear the edible”.  My kind of ladies and I would love access to their fridge!


This little hardcover book starts with a crash course in the basics, including strains, medicinal usage, demystifying cannabis and what to expect if you are a newcomer. There really are a lot of great, and most importantly, easy to follow instructions. Extraction is the starting point for all edibles and this book breaks down the 2 most popular methods for you to try at home, step by step. Perfecting this step is quite important and shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you already think you know it all as methods keep improving.

TIP: For those that are unsure of how to create consistent dosing this book covers how to control your dosage enabling you to customise to your own needs.

Don’t buy this book if you don’t like desserts. I couldn’t be any more direct with my advice as this book contains 40 dessert recipes. This includes cookies, macaroons, sauces, candies, tarts, pies, baklava, cake, pudding, curd, lozenges and many more. Beautifully illustrated and so-very-easy to follow recipes.


x1 very informative and beautifully illustrated titled Marijuana Edibles by Laurie Wolf and Mary Thigpen

Note: At We are Lux we do not advocate for the breaking of any Australian laws and this book is for knowledge/entertainment purposes only!

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