Marijuana Grower’s Handbook Ask Ed Edition by Ed Rosenthal


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Anyone that know me will testify to my extreme love of books and all things reading. An obsession that began when I was very young and continues to this day. My home is literally a library with books on almost every surface! For this reason, I have been steadily increasing my in-store library with the goal of offering my customers a wide array of quality books to entertain as well as educate. Oh, and you may have noticed that all books I sell revolve around one central topic!


I had no choice in stocking this book, a no brainer. 2 main reasons, the author plus the fact that this is the Official Course Book of Oaksterdam University. I knew the name Ed Rosenthal long before I knew pretty much anything else about the industry. There aren’t many in the world of horticulture who don’t respect this man.

Ed Rosenthal, a Californian Horticulturist, author and publisher who has been prolific in the fight to legalise cannabis. Well known for his advocacy he is also considered a master grower (one of the best actually) with his growing techniques so revered that he wrote an advice column for High Times Magazine (The Cannabis Bible) during the 1980’s and 1990’s (yes, he has been in the game for a while now!). To this day Ed Rosenthal is seen as a top-tier grower with skills unmatched my many.

As for Oaksterdam University? America’s first Cannabis University, located in California where they offer a vast array of courses (horticultural and business) on the cutting edge of this growing industry. Students travel from across the globe, as well as online to study there. Even I have considered enrolling!

This book is for you if you are never satisfied with good enough and are interested in the latest techniques for growing indoors or outside. There are 500+ pages of full colour photos covering the novice all the way to the hard core professionals. The following is included;

  • Latest knowledge and tools available
  • Most efficient technology
  • Choosing the right plant
  • Choosing the right system
  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Maximise your yield
  • Increase potency
  • Link to Ed’s research for in-depth content and updates


x1 Official Oaksterdam Course Book – Marijuana Growers Handbook Ask Ed Edition by Ed Rosenthal

Note: At We are Lux we do not advocate for the breaking of any Australian laws and this book is for knowledge/entertainment purposes only!

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