Marijuana Outdoor Growers Guide by S. T. Oner


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A very easy to navigate, clear and concise outdoor grower’s guide written by an amusingly interesting author (their name at least, I am guessing it is a pseudonym). Further research reveals that S. T. Oner is quite the expert with 10 books (marijuana related) published so far. A cannabis master chef (I also sell his cookbook – The Marijuana Chef) and master grower plus I hear a rumour that he is currently in collaboration with a major American Confectionery Company to create some very interesting “adult” treats, taking edibles to a whole new stratosphere!


I chose this book as I wanted to offer an option for those that want to grow in an outdoor setting (as natural as possible) using an easy to read (large text and easy to comprehend) guide that covers all aspects from seed to oil infusion. First time growers who are wanting to learn the basics from scratch whilst those with a little more experience may benefit from chapters devoted to enhancing your crop (including cloning, testing during harvest and troubleshooting emergencies). Regardless of your level of expertise this is a fabulous book filled with large and very beautiful photos.


S. T Oner has thought of everything, from angles that you may not have considered yet. Including some of the following……..

  • Pros and Cons of outdoor growing
  • Seed Selection
  • Germination, plant sexing
  • Focus on small grow areas
  • Pruning and watering
  • Maximising security
  • Protection from pests and the elements
  • Utilising household waste to save $$
  • Harvesting, storage and curing techniques
  • Cooking basics


x1 Full colour Marijuana Outdoor Grower’s Guide by S. T. Oner

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