Marley Natural Glass and Black Walnut Spoon Pipe


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Marley Natural is a premium product line crafted with a genuine respect for nature, all products in their range are responsibly sourced. They are inspired by Jamaica and are the official Bob Marley brand. I am starting to accumulate quite the collection of products from Marley Natural and they are by far one of my favourite brands for premium connoisseur level products. Beautiful trays, glass filter tips, crystal ashtrays, wooden storage boxes and hemp-based skincare.


The Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Wood range of products is all about crafting classic collectors’ items to elevate your smoking regime. Each piece is made with Black Walnut Wood and Borosilicate glass (if glass is used). Black Walnut Wood is the signature wood that Marley Natural uses for all their wooden needs. A further and kind of cool feature of this range is the ability to remove the wooden portions from the glass, brilliant for cleaning!


This is the spoon pipe. Spoon pipes are one of the most popular style of pipes and you can probably figure out why they called it a spoon. Apart from being shaped like the humble spoon (a weird deep spoon) these pipes have a built-in bowl portion – a recessed hole where your herb resides, and they are generally an all-in-one pipe.  The carb hole is usually to the side of the bowl (built into the actual side of the bowl itself) and the “arm” of the spoon acts as an elongated pathway leading to the mouthpiece. An extremely tough and durable spoon measuring at approximately 11.5cms along its length, 5cms tall and almost 3cms wide (widest point).

As this is Marley Natural I hope you weren’t expecting a standard spoon pipe as once again Marley has upped the game! Crafted from hand-blown borosilicate glass and Black Walnut Wood this spoon has been designed to provide an exceptionally smooth smoking experience. A highly functional piece that delivers on style and coolness factor on the whole.

The recessed bowl is on the larger side and is glass, a heat resistant glass for consistent draws. This pipe has also been designed with travel in mind. As with the rest of their Black Walnut range this Spoon Pipe can be dismantled, separating the wood from the glass. This particular pipe will come apart into 3 pieces, 2 wooden (mouthpiece arm and base) and 1 glass portion. The mouthpiece “arm” is really well crafted, rounded off and very very smooth (no splinters!)

A MAJOR point of difference with this spoon is the extreme ease of cleaning provided. As you are able to physically separate the wooden mouthpiece/bowl base cap from the glass chamber you are easily able to get inside each piece for deep and intricate cleaning.  A pipe cleaner, like the bendy ones from art class will be very beneficial. This has to be one the easiest pipe you will ever have to clean.

TIP: If you are worried about any product falling through the bowl then I recommend purchasing a Smojo screen to insert into the hole.


x1 insanely cool Glass and Black Walnut Spoon Pipe by the amazing Marley Natural Brand


  • Original design
  • Made from Borosilicate Glass
  • Made from Black Walnut
  • 3 pieces
  • Carb hole
  • Collectors piece
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Dimensions:  11.5cms long and 3cms at its widest
  • Brand: Marley Natural
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