Marley Natural – Large Walnut wood Tray


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Marley Natural is a premium product line crafted with a genuine respect for nature, all products in their range are responsibly sourced. They are inspired by Jamaica and are the official Bob Marley brand, now run by his family.

This premium multi-use prep tray is made from black walnut wood and finished in teak oil, features a specially contoured cut out corner for pouring. Comes with a magnetic wooden scraper. This piece is beautiful enough to be a display piece in your home.

In truth you can use almost any flat surface as a rolling/prep tray but why would you? Any true connoisseur knows that a sessions begins not at the lighting stage but before you even begin to roll/prep. Treat your favourite herb with the respect it deserves by using quality products to elevate your experience!

Dimensions –  0.75″ H x 12″ L x 7″ W