Marley Natural Small Black Walnut 4 piece Grinder


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Marley Natural is a premium product line crafted with a genuine respect for nature, all products in their range are responsibly sourced. They are inspired by Jamaica and are the official Bob Marley brand.

I am starting to accumulate quite the collection of products from Marley Natural and they are by far one of my favourite brands for premium connoisseur level products. Beautiful trays, glass filter tips, crystal ashtrays, wooden storage boxes and hemp-based skincare. Now I can happily add their eye wateringly amazing wooden grinders to my range. To say that I am obsessed is a little of an understatement! I will be giving myself one as a Christmas present this year.


Where should I start, functionality or aesthetics? Lets get the looks out of the way. A drop-dead gorgeous grinder that is currently battling with Kannastor for supremacy on my store shelves! This is the smaller version grinder (large is also available) that also comes apart into 4 pieces for easy cleaning. Each layer of this grinder is made to the absolute highest standards and its pretty obvious once you start taking it apart. This is a collector’s item and, in my opinion, you will want to keep this grinder forever!

TIP: There are a few design differences (not just size) between the large and small version of this grinder.

The body is made from the favourite wood of the Marlery Natural brand, black walnut and if you buy a Marley Natural rolling tray you can have a matching set.! As the daughter of a carpenter, I can attest to the incredible beauty of this type of wood. Black walnut is prized highly for its strength, grain and colour. It polishes to a very smooth finish and will develop a lusterous patina over time. The walnut that Marley Natural use is also sustainably sourced.

The top lid is magnetic and has the Marley Natural Logo etched into it. The magnet is fairly strong, and I really have to grip and pull to release the lid. Lift off the lid and you will see the 27 custom engineered black teeth (well spaced) made from anodized aluminium. The teeth of the smaller grinder are a little different to the large version and are the standard diamond shape and are designed to give a courser grind.  

Your ground up material will drop down through some largish holes into the storage zone below. No magnet this time, you will need to unscrew this portion. As storage areas go, this one is on the smaller side. Not an issue as I tend to not recommend that you leave ground up material unused for long portions of time as the potency will be affected. Particularly if sunlight is present.

TIP: The most obvious difference between the large and smaller grinder (apart from size) is the ability to see within the enlarged storage chamber.

A fine mesh screen separates the storage zone from the bottom portion, a screen with a handle (on the base of screen) for easy handling and removal. This final zone is where kief is collected. In a nutshell, kief (AKA Pollen) refers to the resinous trichomes of the cannabis plant (they form on the leaves and buds) and contains a powerhouse of cannabinoids and terpenes. A sticky powder-like crystal that can produce an intense high. Check this area of your grinder regularly to check if any powder like substance has accumulated below. The bottom lid is threaded and not magnetised like the larger version.

Lastly, you will find a small scoop located in the lowest layer of this grinder to help you dispense your herbal material. The larger grinder has a magnet incorporated into the base where you can affix the stainless-steel scraper. Once in place this scraper sits absolutely flush along the base.

Measuring: The Large Grinder is 5.5cm H x 6cm L x 6cm W (is a perfect circle)


  • x1 beautifully crafted Marley Natural Black Walnut 4-piece Small Grinder
  • x1 scraper


  • Original design
  • Made from sustainably sourced black walnut wood
  • Small size
  • 27 custom engineered teeth
  • Anodised aluminium
  • Scraper included
  • Small storage area
  • Magnetised top lid
  • Fine mesh screen with handle
  • Official Marley Natural Product
  • Dimensions: 5.5cm H x 6cm L x 6cm W
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