Medtainer Smell Proof Grinder with storage



I believe every serious herbal enthusiast should possess a good quality grinder, particularly if they vape. A grinder will always surpass scissors in regard to ease of use, storage capacity as well as providing a more efficient/vaping blend. I already sell a few high end “luxury” grinders that are priced accordingly but wanted to bring in the highest quality grinder I could find at an affordable price and in walks the Medtainer!


This innovative grinder offers you a variety of features. The Medtainer is the very first patented air-tight, water-tight and smell proof medical grade container that just happens to be a grinder as well.  Made in the USA from non porous FDA Approved plastic that is polypropylene, BPA-Free as well as being environmentally safe (can be recycled).

TIP: Originally designed for the elderly to help break down their medications (tablets etc) and a further use is within the kitchen whilst cooking.

The Medtainer comes in 3 individual pieces that come apart with absolutely no effort.

  • The top cap that lock in odour
  • The grinder middle tube/storage zone
  • Main body

Not the most elegantly designed grinder in my display cupboard but definitely one of the most useful. Protect your goods from children (tricky lid), from nosy neighbours (airtight for odour control), breakage/spillage (durable design) or from getting wet (watertight). As you can easily store up to 5 grams, the Medtainer need not ever be a grinder and can be used solely for storage if you so desire. The choices are yours and they are endless. 

TIP: Medtainer has won 7 awards for their innovative design.


Pull off the lid and middle grinder tube. Place your material into the base and reinsert the grinder portion. Hold the top portion (ridged area) and twist from side to side. Continue till your material reached your desired consistency.

To store your ground up material lift out the grinder tube (slowly) and then pour into the inner tube of the grinder tube. Reassemble your unit (don’t forget the lid for odour control) and voila you are done!


A very easy grinder to clean. Warm water and gentle soap/detergent should remove almost all build up residue. For stubborn gunk either soak for a longer duration or use a small amount of Isopropyl Alcohol. Allow all 3 pieces to dry/evaporate before reassembly.


  • x1 Medtainer incredibly useful Smell Proof Grinder
  • x1 Twist on/off smell proof lid


  • Air-tight
  • Watertight
  • Odour proof
  • 5 gram capacity
  • Nontoxic
  • Grinder
  • Storage
  • Environmentally safe
  • 90mm tall and 40mm wide

Black (Solid), Blue (Solid), Clear, Gold (Solid), Green (Clear), Green (Solid), Orange (Solid), Pink (Solid), Purple (Solid), Red (Solid), Yellow (Solid)

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