Melon by Wild Berry Incense 20 pack


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Those close to me will readily admit that I go above and beyond to find products that stand out from the crowd, products that have a little something special and unique about them. As I am a secret research nerd it is almost a sport for me so when I wanted to include incense in my lineup I spent many months searching the globe to find something amazing. I now can gladly present to you the Wild Berry range of premium grade incense. Wild Berry is sold all over the world and are considered by many to be the best incense in America, hands down.


Wild Berry is an American owned brand (Ohio, to be exact) and they have been around since 1971(!) selling a wide array of handmade goods. They have worked very hard, over a long period of time to perfect their range of over 90 varieties of fragrance. They start by hand-dipping into the finest scented oils they can find with more fragrance per stick than in your standard incense. Special fixative methods ensure that the aroma stays fresh and is long lasting. A secret ingredient is also added to enable the fragrance to smell the same on the stick as it does when it burns.

A word of warning – the aroma of each blend is quite intoxicating. I wish I could describe how my store smells every morning when I first walk in.


A refreshing melon fruit fragrance with notes of strawberry, peach, jasmine, sweet herbs, creamy vanilla, caramelized sugar and soft rosewood.


20 Melon incredibly refreshing incense sticks (glass jar not included)

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