Micro Wax Kit Black- by Medvape


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If wax/concentrates are what you like to vaporise then this is a vape for you. Small and stealthy, easily fits in your pocket for on the go dabbing. Coated in black rubber for protection and to dissipate heat. This is a good all-round wax vaporiser that does the job for a competitive price.

Small, skinny and light (approx. 11cms long including mouthpiece) but capable of delivering massive hits. Easy to use and clean. This is a great entry level vaporiser or a great second unit for when you are out and about.

The Medvape Extract vaporiser comes complete with the newest Dual Quartz micro atomiser and full ceramic bowl. The Ceramic atomiser bowl can be interchanged and replaced with Ceramic Donuts or Dual Quartz atomiser coils for an amazing vaping experience.

A wax Stainless-Steel dab tool is also provided for easy loading as well as a 5g silicone wax storage container for ease of portability. Lastly if need be, the mouthpiece is also replaceable.

A major plus of the Medvape Microwax Kit is the ability to continue vaping whilst charging (USB Pass through Charger). This is an unusual feature in the vape world, with many frustrated users waiting impatiently for their vape to finish charging! Total charge time of the Micro Wax Kit is between 1-2 hours and a red light near the charging port (base) will let you know when charging is complete.

To use: Pull up on the mouthpiece to expose the heating element. Use the included Stainless-Steel dab tool to load a small amount (grain of rice sized) of your concentrate directly into the atomiser coil bowl. Be careful when loading to not damage your coil/bowl with the dab tool. X5 clicks of the power button to turn the devise on. Press and hold the fire button to begin vaping. To extend the life of your coils/bowls do not hold down the fire button for extended periods of time.

To clean: Heating elements do burn out over time and unfortunately at that stage need to be replaced. They can also get gunky/resinous over time affecting the overall taste of your concentrates. If this is the case, simply do a quick dry burn (fire the device with an empty coil/bowl). This should dissolve some of the build-up. Please do this with caution.

Contains: x1 Medvape Micro Wax Vaporiser, x1 Ceramic Dual Quartz Atomiser Coil, x1 5g Silicone Wax Storage tub, x1 Stainless Steel Dab Tool, x1 USB Pass Through Charger and a 30-day replacement warranty.