Million Bananas Organic Banana Leaf Natural Rolling Papers 2 pack


Truly unique rolling papers

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The Million Bananas team have been in the leaf business for a long time and consist of experienced individuals. All wraps are personally cared for and prepared by a team of herbalists. Each and every leaf is inspected to ensure it meets exacting standards for a great smoke and the highest level of quality.

These rolling papers are a little different to all the others that I stock. Good different. Natural leaf wraps have been gaining in popularity worldwide and are a great chemical and tobacco free alternative to conventional blunt wraps or inferior rolling papers. Think of them as earth’s natural substitute for the common rolling paper.

The production process is pretty crazy and takes a while. The bananas are grown in soil full of minerals and natural elements in the sub tropics. No chemicals or hormones are used in these plantations keeping it as natural as possible. Only virgin banana leaves are picked.

These virgin banana leaves can now begin their long and slow adventure! 10 days is required for drying then 14 days for fermentation. Fermentation is where the magic occurs – amino acids and Chlorophyll are stripped whilst the natural fibres are broken down into a new composition ready for curing.

Curing plays a key role in allowing the fibres to bond into a more robust state. This occurs for 24 days after which the leaves are packaged and ready to start their new lives. The process of curing doesn’t end there though, the leaves will continue to improve over time. Years even, unless you smoke them first obviously!

Basically, start to finish the process takes 48 days total to create these super smooth, slightly sweet and Organic wraps.

Let’s talk taste, I mean that is ultimately what you want to know! Sweet is the first word that comes to mind. Smooth is another word. Both valid and true! Expect to enjoy the sweet and smooth for longer as these wraps burn very slowly and shouldn’t make you cough.

To use: Before rolling you must moisten the wraps with water. Roll like normal

  • Organic
  • All Natural
  • Vegan
  • GMO Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
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