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MJ Arsenal DREGG Mini Rig


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This uniquely designed rig is a limited-edition release and will only be available whilst stocks last!

MJ Arsenal creates extremely unique and varied ways to enable you to smoke your favourite herb. Based in Denver, Colorado they pride themselves on pushing boundaries to create innovative and highly functional glassware. A well-known brand amongst 420 connoisseurs. MJ Arsenal like to craft their rigs on the smaller side, enabling more concentrated and thick draws.


The DREGG mini rig is made with tough borosilicate glass to resemble a dragon egg (have only ever seen one on Game of Thrones though!) with a dragon situated within. The magic begins at the Quartz nail where you place your wax/concentrate to be heated. The hot smoke is then “inhaled” by the dragon – being pulled through a triple-hole peculator directly into a cooling moat of water. Ultimately delivering you a cool and exceptionally smooth experience with each and every inhale you take.


As this is a dab rig you will need an appropriate jet lighter/torch to effectively heat your material, unfortunately a normal lighter won’t cut it! Pour a small amount of water directly into the rig. Do not overfill as you don’t want to accidentally inhale water directly into your mouth. I would recommend that you fill till about halfway up the dragon’s body (base of his neck). Using a dab tool, place your wax/concentrate into the Quartz bucket.

TIP: I highly recommend starting with a very small amount of wax (less than a grain of rice), particularly if you have not dabbed before!

Using your lighter/torch you can start heating the Quartz bucket. Heat near the base. This is the way that I do it, but many other dabbers heat the bucket prior to loading. As long as you do it safely, either way can be used. Once your wax begins to bubble you should cover the bucket (carb cap/dab tool etc) and inhale long and slow via the mouthpiece. Repeat as needed.


Staying on top of cleaning your dab rig is important as wax is sticky and quite resinous, building up quickly within the Quartz bucket. From personal experience I find that a cotton bud swept through a still warm bucket should help alleviate any build up in between major cleans. Isopropyl Alcohol is a marvelous product for resinous build up and makes cleaning your glassware a breeze. Isporopyl Alcohol mixed together with finely milled salt (Higher Standards Salt Rox) will work a treat in keeping your glass pristine. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before use.


x1 borosilicate glass mini rig and x1 10m connection Quartz bucket


  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Height – 3.05 inch (approximately 7.7cms)
  • Triple-hole peculator
  • Quartz Bucket – 2mm thick
  • 10mm connection between Rig and Quartz Bucket

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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