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MJ Arsenal is quickly becoming a brand that I admire. Unique and quite intricate in their design, unlike any other items that I sell. They specialise in bubblers of all sizes (they tend to like to create palm sized products) as well as amazing dab rigs. Each piece they craft is triple inspected for any imperfections. MJ Arsenal, based out of Denver Colorado, consider themselves a consumer-focused company. Their objective is to push boundaries in any given product/function and they generally succeed with an assortment of patents and trademarks issued.


The name should kind of give it away but these quirky little bubblers are specifically for rolled items. In this case 2 at once. Blunt bubblers are cute but extremely functional items allowing you to include water. Why would anyone need this extra step you ask? The addition of water for filtration works to give you super smooth cooler hits (great if you tend to cough a lot) as well as filtering out contaminants before inhalation takes place.

TIP: You can still use your Dubbler as a cone Bubbler (one hitter) if so desired, I would just recommend a screen (Smojo!) or to not chop finely and to cover whichever port is not being used (unless using both!).

As with all their bubblers, MJ Arsenal uses sturdy borosilicate glass (hand blown) in the construction process. Both ports are frosted for a tight connection and each has a tiny little down stem that hug the inner walls of the water chamber. The carb hole is ergonomically place between both ports and the protruding mouthpiece sits on the opposite side, so don’t worry about burning yourself (but please always be careful!).  The size and positioning of the mouthpiece work well to make the Dubbler splash resistant.

TIP: The carb hole located towards the top allows for directional airflow creating a “tornado-like” effect within. Couple this with the out-of-the-way down stems (so no obstructions) and expect quite the visual spectacle. Pretty clever, huh?

Smack bang right in between the mouthpiece and the carb is a pendant loop so you can hang your Dubbler around your neck or off a hook, anywhere really. Perfectly sized to fit entirely into your palm and in a nutshell this quirky little Blunt Bubbler will win over your heart. Expect a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience whilst at home or on the road! Cleaner hits, maximum flavour and ultimate convenience all for your elevated enjoyment.

TIP: This is the original and is much copied by inferior brands. The base of each Bubbler that MJ Arsenal makes has a custom logo for authentication. They are also protected by USPTO D820,513 (patented).


Partially fill your Martian with water (approximately a third full). The colder the better.

  • Insert your Pre-rolled into one port or both. I would recommend that you construct your internal filter to be as rigid and thick as you can. This will enable it to stay firmly in place.
  • Or roughly chop (or insert a whole little nugget) and place directly into the bowl. Ensure your material is course enough to not fall through the hole or use a screen.
  • Light your herb whilst inhaling from the slim mouthpiece. Use the carb as required (cover with your finger or release as needed).


x1 MJ Arsenal Dubbler Glass Blunt Bubbler


  • Made from Heavy Duty Hand blown Borosilicate Glass
  • Portable Water Filtration
  • Frosted Ports
  • Authentic MJ Arsenal product
  • Spill resistant design
  • Directional air flow (tornado effect)
  • Fits most pre-rolled items
  • Ergonomic carb hole
  • Pendant hook
  • Can function as a one-hitter

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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