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The Moose Lab MouthPeace and replacement filters have been flying off my shelves since I started stocking them. Moose Labs make products for smokers and they may not make much, but they definately know how to make a quality product.


A rolling tray is a product that every serious smoking connoisseur should contain in their arsenal. Long ago I used to use a magazine (Vogue, of course!) as a rolling platform but I now consider that to be quite unhygienic and I don’t even want to think about all the ink that may have transferred. A rolling tray solves that problem allowing you to easily clean it as needed.

The Moose Labs Rolling Tray is a riot of colour and Moose Labs characters. Pictures of a moose, some dogs, map of California, logo, bongs and so much more. The tray is made of tin and the edges are raised to ensure your wares stay safe and in place. Not the largest rolling tray that I sell, measuring in at 18cms x 14cms. An adequate size for those that partake in smaller sessions or who like to smoke on their lonesome.


Not even going to attempt to tell you! Do whatever you want as long as everyone is safe.


Dishwasher or warm soapy hand wash should do the trick. Or for those that want the minimal of fuss just use a damp cloth.


x1 Moose Labs Rolling Tray is a multitude of colours

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