Moose Labs x Skilletools Dab Art Wax Molds


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The Moose Lab MouthPeace and replacement filters have been flying off my shelves since I started stocking them. Moose Labs make products for smokers and they may not make much, but they definately know how to make a quality product. This Dab Art Mold Tin Kit is one of their more unique products, but they appear to be a product that they no longer market, at least on their website (still available in many other places though).

TIP: This kit is a collaboration between 2 giants of the smoking/vaping world – Moose Labs and Skilletools (makers of connoisseur level dab tools).


Open the tin and and you will see a silicone mold pad (plus a silicone top lid) filled with a multitude of shapes, forms and words. The whole point is for you to place your wax/concentrate within each mold shape then press down on the top silicone slab to create each shape. 14 different shapes and sizes are provided on the actual pad but pull the entire pad out of the tin and you will find more molds upon the side (letters and numbers this time.)

TIP: Made from silicone due to its superior anti-stick properties, a handy feature when dealing with concentrates.

So why do it then? A fun way to personalise your wax and elevate your dabbing experience. Spell out words for fun or maybe you like to do super impressive Instagram shots and want your dabs to stand out. Or maybe you are just eccentric (like I am) and tend to store all your belongings in unique ways!

TIP: Skilletools contribution to this kit is one of their premium level dab tools/scooper (on a small chain). Use this tool to spread out your wax into each mold then use it to remove each waxy mold as needed. Can also be used with your dab rig as a standard dab tool.

Personally, I think this is a very cool and unique way to store your concentrates (thick stable wax). Once closed this tin seals off the air as well as any light from entering within. This is important if you value the potency and purity of your herbal material. Concentrates/wax do not have an unlimited shelf life and need to be stored appropriately, with silicone and glass being the 2 materials used by almost all my customers to store their wax.

TIP: Silicone is quite rhobust and fairly easy to clean. I would place the mold (tin less) directly into a dishwasher or to soak in water soapy water.


  • x1 Moose Labs/Skilletools Dab Art Mold Kit
  • x1 Metal Tin
  • x1 Skilletools dab tool/scooper
  • x1 Dab Art Sticker


  • Complete silicone mold
  • Non Stick Surface
  • Collaboration between Moose Labs and Skilletools
  • Included dab tool/scooper
  • Metal Tin (honeycomb patterned)
  • Fun and easy
  • Multiple shapes/forms to choose from
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