Myster Dual Burner USB Lighter


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Myster is all about elevating the culture by designing sleek, discreet and stylish accessories. No longer should you be embarrassed about your habits and with the influx of medicinal marijuana patients (legally attained, of course) coming by my store to discuss options daily, I have noticed the landscape in Sydney (and Australia) really changing. I will let Myster speak for themselves…. “Myster’s goal is to support the creative and motivated network of enthusiasts around the world and participate in the cultural revolution taking place right now”.


Measuring: 80mm x 25mm X 10mm

A sleek slim-line lighter that you never need to worry about refilling. So, no need to purchase butane gas and/or lighter fluid plus no more fumes or danger! You simply need to plug in the affixed USB to an outlet and voila, let there be light! Myster has done a good job with the simple but yet effective design of this lighter. A slider (located on the side) can be moved either up or down. Slide it up and you reveal the double-sided burner, whilst sliding it down exposes the USB Plug. Both sides retract within completely when neither side is in use.

Dual burner refers to the fact that you can light from either side or have 2 people light at the same time whilst they face each other lovingly! As soon as you slide up, both sides of the now exposed burner will begin to glow red. The burner is slightly recessed but please don’t touch it as it is hot, I stupidly just tested that out. The burner will not glow forever and should give you a 5 second window to get your lighting done.

TIP: This lighter is windproof. Feel free to climb any mountain of your choice with this lighter in your pocket.


x1 Myster retractable Dual Burner USB with side slider (black and silver with Myster logo on top)


  • Dual Burner
  • No Gas No Fumes
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Side slide retracting system
  • Windproof
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