Myster SABR Quad Outtake Torch Lighter


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Myster is all about elevating the culture by designing sleek, discreet and stylish accessories. No longer should you be embarrassed about your habits and with the influx of medicinal marijuana patients (legally attained, of course) coming by my store to discuss options daily, I have noticed the landscape in Sydney (and Australia) really changing. I will let Myster speak for themselves…. “Myster’s goal is to support the creative and motivated network of enthusiasts around the world and participate in the cultural revolution taking place right now”.


Measuring: 9cms tall almost 3cms at its widest.

Just like all that Myster do, this lighter is very sleek and rather minimal. A perfectly sized on-the-go torch that will fit into any pocket (not skinny jeans!). Technically a torch is a variation on a lighter and is considered a superior form of lighter by many. They are used for dry herbal material as well as concentrates. Torches do not leave a nasty taste behind and use butane as their fuel source. They tend to burn hotter than other lighters, making them the lighter of choice for dabbing connoisseurs. Cigar lovers have long embraced torches for their windproof ease of use. How to easily recognise if your lighter is o the torch variety? A blue flame will appear. A fuel window has been included in the SABR to let you know when you are running low on gas.

TIP: To fill simply insert the needle of your Butane Gas canister into the base. Wait a short while before lighting.

Look within and you will see 4 barrels, this is Quad Outake and when lit 4 blue flames rise up together to form one almighty lighter. You can adjust this flame by turning the base left/right. Myster wanted you to be safe and have included an on/off knob, so you don’t accidently ignite the flames. Turn the knob so red lines up with red and you are ready to go. According to Myster (can’t vouch for this personally) this torch has the ability to heat up quartz rather quickly. A big plus for dabbers/concentrate lovers.

Just underneath the on/off knob is a little in-built surprise. A tool that swivels out that you can utilise as a scooper/scraper/poker. A small metal scoop-like contraption that you can use to load your powdery concentrates or to clean out your flower bowl after use. When not in use it swivels back into place, hidden in plain site for the next turn.

TIP: This lighter is the same one that is supplied when you purchase the Myster HAMR Cold Start Dab Rig (I will have it soon)


x1 Myster SABR Torch Lighter


  • Official Myster Product
  • Sleek
  • For dry herb or concentrates
  • On-the-go Torch design
  • No Fumes
  • Butane Gas refillable
  • Quad Outakes
  • Blue Flame
  • Windproof
  • Swivel Shovel
  • On/off Knob
  • Fuel Level Windwo
  • Adjustable Flame
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