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Myster is all about elevating the culture by designing sleek, discreet and stylish accessories, I have been trying to get the Myster Stashtray pretty much since day one of opening my store. Firstly because I wanted to store my own paraphernalia in one of the coolest storage box out there and secondly because I wanted to help break some of the (frankly uneducated) stereotypes out there and to help elevate the discourse in Australia.

No longer should you be embarrassed about your habits and with the influx of medicinal marijuana patients (legally attained, of course) coming by my store to discuss options daily, I have noticed the landscape in Sydney really changing. I will let Myster speak for themselves…. “Myster’s goal is to support the creative and motivated network of enthusiasts around the world and participate in the cultural revolution taking place right now”.


Let’s start with the obvious, this is a storage box. A very well-made (handmade) box that feels (and looks) quite solid, solid enough to be stood upright on its side with many placing the Strashtray Box amongst their books for camouflage. There is a silver clasp on the front that you can attach a small lock to if you desire extra security. Inside the box is where the fun begins with the following accessories included;

  • Myster magnetic Stashtray
  • Myster magnetic 4-piece Grinder
  • Myster magnetised Ashtray (with included spike)
  • Myster magnetised Storage Pod (clear lid)

Did you notice a pattern? All accessories are magnetised and adhere directly to the Stashtray with the tray itself held magnetically in place. Lastly the box is divided into 3 via moveable panels.


Measuring: 250mm x 185mm

Made from durable stainless steel (2 magnetised sheets welded together) the Myster Stashtray has a mirror like finish, and I can almost touch up my lipstick by it! The tray is divided into 2 sections; the top half has 3 inlaid circular zones where you affix your grinder, ashtray and storage pod whilst the bottom portion is essentially your workspace. A notched-out corner of your “workspace” allows for easy dispensing of your herb.  


Measuring: 55mm (w) x 48mm (h)

A high-end grinder in 4 parts made from aircraft grade aluminium with an anodized colour coating to provide resistance against scratching. The top lid is magnetic for easy on/off and has the Myster symbol upon the very top. Beneath the lid are the flared grinding teeth (nicely spaced) designed to leave your herb nice and fluffy. Unscrew the middle portion and you will find the storage compartment where your herb hangs out waiting for your attention. A decent sized area, just about right for the daily toker. At the very base you will come across the pollen catcher which feature a cute little scraper.


Measuring: 55mm(h) x 70mm(w)

An ashtray with a lid, technically making this a 2-piece unit. The lid screws on/off quite nicely (helps to keep odour within) and contains a very handy opening that will allow you to stand your bowls (14mm or 18mm) or pre-rolls upright for packing, cleaning or whatever really (maybe you just like to admire them).

The base is of course magnetic allowing you to affix this ashtray not only to the Stashtray but to anything magnetic (refrigerator etc).  Inside, smack bang in the middle is a built-in Pipe Spike (AKA debowler) for cleaning out your glassware, bowls or pipes. As this is an ashtray you should be able to ash in it and Myster goes you one better by enabling you to ash in either the top or bottom portions when you flip the lid. So you are kind of getting 2 ashtrays in 1! So many nifty little features in such a cool little ashtray, huh?


Holds up to 10g

The last added accessory but an important one. Where you keep your precious herb is kind of important and can greatly impact on potency. Improperly stored herbal material can become mouldy (or overly dry) and just make you feel very very sad. As with all the other accessories you can affix this magnetised pod to your Stash Tray or even to the underside of a metal desk for discretion. The lid unscrews for easy in/out access and has a window upon the top for your viewing pleasure. A dry eraser marker can be used to note down the contents within the pod then wipe it away and rewrite again when needed. Now you can feel so proud at yourself over how organised you are and why not celebrate by using your new Stashtray!


X1 Official Myster handmade StashBox (Black), x1 Magnetic Stashtray, x1 Ashtray with internal Pipe Spike, x1 4-piece Grinder, x1 Storage Pod and x2 dividers (Lighter holder not included)


  • Discrete storage
  • All parts magnetised
  • Handmade box
  • Stainless Steel Rolling Tray
  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps everything organised
  • Is freaking cool
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