NoGoo 420 Silicone Dab Station


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Dabbing aficionados know that a successful (and fun) session is quite dependent on the quality of your equipment and tools. A good quality rig or vaporiser is extremely important but let’s not forget the tools.

Aside for a quality silicone ended loading tool you will also need silicone storage solutions. Silicone is important for 2 reasons, it is non-stick allowing for easy loading and it is a great material for hot tools to be placed upon.You may notice that the dab station spells out the word dab, with the letters d and b providing storage room at either end. Each end is capable of holding a 38mm non-stick silicone jar that you can remove in and out as needed or if using a dabbing straw, you can place your product directly into either end of the dab station.

Lean any hot tools against the station to prevent damage to your furniture. The uses are endless and the many different grooves and opening provide you with a myriad of options.

Easy to use and easy to clean – Why not lift your dab credentials to the next level?

Contains: x1 pretty unique silicone dab station



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