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Oak and Earth, a completely new brand in the 420-world, a brand trying something a little different from the norm to stand out from amongst the hordes. A brand for all my eco-warriors out there who demand environmental considerations in all that they purchase. Oak and Earth are based in Canada and their premise is simple, to hand craft unique, highly functional and most importantly all products are environmentally responsible. Their designs all focus upon natural elements using mainly ceramic and salvaged wood, all locally made and sourced in Canada (Edmonton Alberta).

And if you aren’t impressed yet what if I tell you that each product sold equates to the planting of 5 native trees in the Canadian Prairies!!! Oh, and should I mention their initiative to have all their power supplied via solar panels?


100% crafted by hand with love and precision using slip-cast clay and salvaged wood for the accents (the flower bowl and down stem are glass). Oak and Earth wanted to offer a water pipe that you cant help but want to display/show off. A conversation piece that sits pride of place in your home. I would say that they have succeeded as I adore the look of this bong!  A taller Beaker style of water pipe with faceted edges. The ceramic is so very smooth and is broken up halfway up the neck by the wooden accent.

Measuring:  28cms

Starting at the base there is a flat base (Oak and Earth logo) that flares out into the faceted water chamber zone. A rather large water chamber in my opinion so feel free to fill to your desired level, I do recommend a test inhale (a deep one) before lighting your herb to test for splash back. A test that I recommend for all water pipes, but it shouldn’t be a necessity with the Mahuta as there is an Ice Catcher/Pinch Point within the neck. A design feature with 2 jobs; to diminish splash back as well as allowing you to add chunks of ice cubes to cool down the experience.

TIP: The addition of ice cubes isn’t just for the sake of a gimmick. Water alone may not be sufficient for adequate levels of comfort (still too harsh) and the ice helps to cool/smooth the smoke down further.

At the very top is the mouthpiece, a rather wide one in my opinion. Rounded off edges for comfort. A large mouthpiece/neck allow you to pile up the ice cubes within if you so desire. Lastly, the glass components. The down stem and the flower bowl are both glass. The down stem was already in place when I unboxed, and it appears to be stuck in place BUT I am uncertain as I am reluctant to handle this piece excessively. The down stem has a 14mm female connection point.

As for the flower bowl, where do I begin? Definitely one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Exquisitely crafted thick glass with a side arm to act as a handle. Not any old handle mind you, Oak and Earth have crafted a protruding glass leaf. The interior of the bowl is quite roomy, good for moderate sessions or sharing. The bowl is 14mm and is a male connection with a frosted port for an airtight fit.

TIP: The picture shows a darker shade than the Mahuta actually is. This is the charcoal version and it is more grey in colour than black.


  • X1 Oak and Earth Mahuta Water Ppie
  • X1 Glass down stem (14mm female)
  • X1 Glass flower bowl (14mm male)
  • X1 Carry bag


  • Size: 11” or 28cms
  • Use With: Dry Herb
  • Made of Ceramic
  • Salvaged Canadian Wood Ash Catcher
  • Handcrafted in Canada
  • Sustainable ingredients
  • Environmentally responsible
  • 14mm glass flower bowl with leaf detail
  • 14mm female connection down stem
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