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So here is the scenario, you like to dab (herbal wax/concentrates) and want to elevate your ritual but are unsure of which products to purchase amongst the wide myriad of amazing and slightly confusing accessories on offer. You may also have heard about low temperature dabbing and want to perfect the experience.

Concentrates can be consumed in a few different ways with some using an electronic vaporiser/rig (Puffco, Oura, Apollo, Dr Dabber, Blaze etc) whilst others use glass dab rigs/e nails.  A vaporiser/electric e nail designed for dabbing will allow you to set an individual temperature quite accurately, but this is not the case when using a glass dab rig. In these situations, you are generally using a blowtorch of sorts to heat your glass banger and are unaware of exact temperatures reached.


So why care about the temperature? There are a few reasons but the main ones include; recreating the same effects multiple times, you are a flavour chaser, you require an intense experience, low temperature requirements such as smoothness as well as the exact strain/product (wax, shatter, oil etc) being used may have its own temperature requirements.

  • Low temperature dabbing – more flavour/terpenes are expressed. The experience is smoother and you can take longer/deeper hits. You can expect milder effects and less dense vapour, and yes you are vaping when dabbing even if using a glass rig + blowtorch setup as you do not directly light your herbal material! This method is a little more wasteful as some material will be left behind in your banger.
  • High temperature dabbing – Thick and dense vapour that will pack a punch with immediate effects. Less wastage with this method as well due to full vaporisation effect. Flavour will be extremely minimal, and the experience will be harsh. Only those of you with high tolerance or who don’t care about coughing will enjoy this experience. If you use an extremely high temperature you will be destroying the plant.


Monitoring the temperature digitally is the most exact way for you to control precise temperatures over and over again and for those of you that prefer the glass dab rig (banger) + torch method a laser sensor is going to be your easiest method. The Octave Terp Timer is one such device, emitting a laser to read the temperature of your heated banger. A desktop, wireless, thermal sensor that enables you to either dial in an exact temperature (then wait for the prompt) or to monitor the temperature in real time. The temperature range is -51°C to 815°C.


This is the newer version (1.2) and Octave has included some brand new features such as colour changing screen, an embossed magnetic base as well as an improved user experience. I played with one last night and the magnetic base is very handy as it enables you to use the device sideways. Whichever position you use it in,  the premise is the same, you are directing a laser towards the base of your banger.

TIP: You can opt between Celsius and Fahrenheit with the Octave Terp Timer.

The Terp Timer is rechargeable via USB and the battery lasts a crazy amount of time, 2 – 3 months before a recharge is required! The device comes with a user manual and is pretty easy to figure out.  An on/off button upon the front with 3 buttons (up/down/set) and a screen atop. There are 2 ways to use this laser sensor and you can either:

  • Set a temperature then wait for the alert (beep)
  • Or turn of the alert and simply monitor the temperature as it fluctuates in real time

There is no right or wrong just how you choose to use it, except that a distance of 4cms is recommended for accuracy. The Terp Timer will automatically power down after 20 minutes of inactivity.

TIP: A 10-year warranty is offered by Octave (please check their website). There is a QR code in the user guide please scan it to register your device for warranty.

Measuring: 9cm H x 7 W


  • x1 Octave Version 1.2 Terp Timer in a foam lined box
  • x1 USB Cable
  • x1 User Guide


  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Rarely needs a charge
  • Temperature range: -51°C to 815°C
  • Version 1.2
  • Colour changing screen
  • Magnetic base
  • Improved user interface
  • Accuracy: +/-2%
  • Distance to spot radio – 12:1
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