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This product will probably confuse a lot of my customers as this is indeed a specialty item for all of you that like to extract Rosin to create herbal concentrates. The Rosin technique is my favourite extraction method (purest method) but it is quite labour intensive and can be incredibly messy without the proper tools. Whether you are using a hair straightening iron or have splurged and bought a Rosin Press you will appreciate the simple genius of these papers.

Inside the pack are 250 pre-cut sheets cut into perfect squares measuring in at 10” x 10” (just over 25cms). Many use parchment paper when preparing (or storing) their Rosin, particularly when being made in smallish amounts. An affordable option but not necessarily the best (depending on type of parchment being used). Extreme pressure can lead to micro tears which can lead to oil bleeding through onto your heating plates, standard parchment paper tends to also be quite sticky at times. Some like to use wax paper, another option that may not be optimal as the heated oil can melt parts of the wax that then will mix in with your Rosin. Wax paper is also not very resistant to heat.

Oil Slick Silicone Release Papers are an excellent option for Rosin extraction and dealing with any sticky oil extracts. Oil Slick uses an advanced bonding technique that bonds the silicone to the medical grade papers to produce a non-stick paper that is superior to generic parchment paper. Both stronger, thicker and more non-stick.

To use: You can cut/fold your oil slick papers to the right fit for you. Depending on the size of your heating plates you can use either 1 sheet folded or 2 separate sheets. Either way your herbal material needs to be surrounded by the Oil Slick sheet(s). Once you apply heat directly you will (hopefully) hear a sizzle which is the indicator that resin has melted from the plant material. You may stop heating at this point.

Please take caution as you remove the sheets from between the heating plates (hot, hot, hot) and gently unfold/spread out your oil slick sheet and remove the flattened out herbal material. The next step is particularly sticky and will require some patience. There is a multitude of advice out there on how to effectively remove every last drop including:

  • Placing the parchment in the freezer for a period of time, then scrape.
  • Placing the parchment on top of ice packs, then scrape.
  • Some find that warming it slightly makes gathering easy.
  • Get a small amount of rosin on your dab tool and then use it to attract more rosin.
  • Work around the edges of your rosin, flicking it up as you go.

Once collected I would store the rosin either in a silicone or a glass container.

Contains: x1 box of 250 pre-cut 10″ x 10″ Oil Slick Silicone Release Sheets


  • 250 sheets in total
  • 10” x 10”
  • Silicone Release Papers
  • Non-Stick
  • Thick Silicone Coating
  • PH Balanced
  • Moisture resistant
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