Ongrok Aluminium and Glass Meditation Pipe


Ongrok was first introduced to me via one of my helpful staff members, she was particularly excited when I arrived one morning, and we then spent the day ogling their catalogue. I have since gone a little crazy and pretty much ordered their entire line-up for my shelves and to say I was excited when the boxes arrived is a slight understatement!

Designed in North America (AKA Canada) with what I would describe as a modern minimalistic flair. High quality materials are their go to; natural hardwoods, aircraft-grade aluminium as well as eco-friendly materials. Products that are sleek as well as discrete, a range designed with lifestyle in mind.

As for the name? Comes from the work “Grok”, a term used in Robert Heinlein’s novel – Stranger in a Strange Land. Definition? To understand something deeply, intuitively or by empathy. Which is exactly the philosophy Ongrok stands by!


Do you need to meditate to want/own this pipe? Absolutely not, feel free to do the exact opposite if you so desire. Just stay safe. As the name implies this is a pipe, a one-hitter to be exact. A deceptively simple pipe. Long and slim, it reminds me of one of my many tubes of lip gloss. The body (outer) is 100% aircraft grade anodized aluminium, making it very durable and scratch resistant. The inner body is made entirely from glass with only the bowl poking through the aluminium casing. The glass can slide out from its protective housing for super easy cleaning when required!

TIP: The mouthpiece unthreads for easy access within.

I would technically label this pipe as a form of “steamroller”. A steamroller has a carb hole/shotty located at the very end of the glass (not on the sides) and provides a larger than normal hit if used correctly. At the very other end is the removeable mouthpiece. Ergonomically designed with a flattened tip for controlled inhalations. As for the bowl, as a one-hitter it is designed to be on the smaller side. Best for light usage.

Measuring: 11cms in length and 1.5cms in diameter


X1 Ongrok Aluminium and Glass Meditation Pipe


  • Made from Aircraft grade Anodized Aluminium
  • Very durable
  • Removable glass interior
  • Lightweight
  • Removable mouthpiece
  • Flattened mouthpiece
  • Very easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Discrete
  • Best for light usage/smaller bowl
  • Measuring: 11cms in length and 1.5cms in diameter

Green, Gun metal, Rose Gold

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