Ongrok Aluminium Storage Puck


Ongrok was first introduced to me via one of my helpful staff members, she was particularly excited when I arrived one morning, and we then spent the day ogling their catalogue. I have since gone a little crazy and pretty much ordered their entire line-up for my shelves and to say I was excited when the boxes arrived is a slight understatement!

Designed in North America (AKA Canada) with what I would describe as a modern minimalistic flair. High quality materials are their go to; natural hardwoods, aircraft-grade aluminium as well as eco-friendly materials. Products that are sleek as well as discrete, a range designed with lifestyle in mind.

As for the name? Comes from the work “Grok”, a term used in Robert Heinlein’s novel – Stranger in a Strange Land. Definition? To understand something deeply, intuitively or by empathy. Which is exactly the philosophy Ongrok stands by!


Storage is a handy little thing, particularly storage that is multi-functional and discrete. Ongrok is big on storage and provide a wide range of options including Doob Tubes, Keychain storage, Aluminium jars and as well as child-proof glass options. This is their puck, small on stature but rather roomy in regard to space. Almost virtually indestructible, the entire body is made from anodized, aircraft-grade aluminium. For my non-sport lovers, a puck has a distinct shape and size and is used in ice hockey. This container is modeled to resemble a puck. A puck with a sleek, matte metallic finish that will not show fingerprints.

Measuring: 2.5cms tall and 6cms in diameter.

Upon the base is a double rubber o-ring lining, designed to provide an airtight seal to keeps any odours locked within and your contents fresh and safe. A guitar pick is provided too so you can load/move your product about. The shape and sleekness of the body makes this storage option viable for those that like to take their herbal material on outdoor adventures. Incredibly easy to slip in and out of your jeans pocket, except maybe if they are very skinny jeans!

TIP: This puck is interchangeable with Ongrok’s 4-piece EZ Grinder. The base only.


  • X1 Ongrok Aluminium Storage Puck
  • X1 Guitar Pick


  • Designed to control odour
  • Preserve smell, moisture, aroma and natural oils
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Double rubber o-ring to capture  odours
  • Guitar pick provided
  • Extremely durable
  • Very light
  • Sleek and discrete
  • Multi-usage
  • Easy cleaning
  • Measuring 6cms x 2.5cms tall
  • Interchangeable with the Ongrok 4-piece EZ Grinder base

Black, Gold, Green, Gun metal, Rose Gold

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