Ooze Silicone Silicone Banger Hanger Stand


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Ooze is one of the latest brands that has made its way into my store and I plan to increase my range steadily. A practical brand that offers a very wide range of products, some from their own range and others from well-known brands already on the market. I call Ooze practical as many of the products that they tend to manufacture themselves focus on practical solutions such as storage and ways to keep your herbal paraphernalia secure.


A banger hanger, not a term that everyone will instantly recognise. First question I usually get is, what is a banger? A banger is a glass “bucket” that is used for the consumption of herbal concentrates/wax/dabs and attaches to a dab rig. It is basically a bowl/cone piece with a different design. Bangers are usually deeper that bowls, have a flat base and are made with fairly thick glass. This is crucial as you light a banger in a very unique way by using a blowtorch and lighting the outside (bottom) of the glass. Once lit the wax that sits within the banger will bubble away till it turns into a vapour for you to inhale.

Anyone who dabs will attest to the messiness of it all and the high levels of cleaning that are required to keep your bangers and dab rig/vaporiser in as pure a state as you can get them. Here is where the Banger Hanger Stand makes its appearance. This platinum-cured silicone stand is rigid and stands upright with 3 angled projections (arms) that jut out enabling you to safely store (hang) up to 3 bangers at a time.

Each silicone arm can hold either a 14 or 18mm banger as well as being able to accommodate either male or female connections. This is achieved by using the 3 included (removable) double-ended female adapters. How genius! I would use this stand in the following 2 ways, either to store my bangers in between uses or when I am cleaning them and require a safe place to “hang” them. The Banger Hanger is super easy to clean and I would just place it within a dishwasher or with warm soapy water. Isopropyl alcohol is not recommended for cleaning any products made from silicone as they can degrade over time.

TIP: Not really the most perfect scenario but the 3 removable female adapters can also each be used as adapters for other water pipes (cones/bowls) you may have. Each adapter is double ended and can accommodate both 14 and 18mm on each end. I tried it in store and yes it works but the connection is not perfect (a little wobbly and not completely airtight) and I would only attempt this out of desperation.

Measuring: 11cms tall (base to top arm) and 15cms wide (widest point)


x1 Ooze Platinum-cured silicone Banger Hanger Stand in Black


  • Platinum-cured silicone
  • High heat resistant
  • Fits both 14/18mm connections
  • Fits both male and female connections
  • 3 Silicone double ended female adapters provided
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