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Straight up, hands down one of the most popular herbal vaporisers on planet earth. Pax Labs Inc, a beloved industry leader since 2007 has a loyal cult following of vapers who refuse to use any other dry herb vaporiser. Cutting edge technology coupled with a sexy/sleek design is a hallmark of Pax. Just to make myself clear – this is a top tier vaporiser that will elicit envy from all you encounter! Keep your eyes on your Pax at all times as they have a tendency to “disappear”!!


I harp on constantly, quite possible annoying my customers (!) regarding the need to constantly maintain (and thoroughly clean) their herbal vaporisers. Some ignore this point and usually end up having to replace their device over time when the built-up resin stops it from functioning optimally. This is where maintenance kits enter into the picture and most high-quality herbal brands will have one such kit on offer.

Firstly, to clarify you can use this maintenance kit whether you have the Pax 2 or the Pax 3 Dry Herbal Vaporiser. This kit will play an important role in helping you keep your Pax clean, in the short and long term. The following are provided.

  • Brush – A long handled, twisty nylon bristles brush. I would use this brush to sweep out the contents of the oven between uses as well as for deep cleaning in intricate spaces (mouthpiece, oven lid etc).
  • 10 Pipe Cleaners – In my humble opinion all herbal vapers should have pipe cleaners in their arsenal. An indispensable accessory to help keep your vape in pristine condition. The beauty of pipe cleaners lies in their ability to be manipulated (folded) into any thickness, along with their length, reusability and abrasive qualities. I would use these nifty little guys to clean out the internal vapour path, the space between the oven and the mouthpiece.
  • 3 Replacement Screens – A screen (provided with your initial purchase) sits within the oven of the Pax and it has one simple but very important task to perform. This screen works hard to keep your herbal material in place, enabling you to inhale as deeply as you like with only vapour entering your mouth. This screen is removable, and I recommend cleaning it regularly. Over time you will need to replace the screen with a fresh one, so here are 3 for that very purpose.

TIP: For the purest of experiences, I recommend cleaning your device after every couple of uses.


  • X1 Pax Cleaning Brush
  • X10 Pipe Cleaners
  • X3 Pax Replacement Screens – Compatible with the Pax 2 and the Pax 3
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