Peacemaker Replacement Coil B1 0.4Ω 2 pack – by Squid Industries


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The Peacemaker Tank is a modern marvel and deserves to be revered. Modelled on the body of a shotgun, the Peacemaker is shaped like the cylinder of a (Colt) revolver. Made from Stainless Steel (mostly) and Pyrex glass, this tank is super-durable and designed to last. I imagine that such a tank would require some pretty unique coils too.Introducing the B1 Coil (B4 also available) from Squid Industries. A true revolution in coil construction. Instead of the usual organic cotton you will find in most other coils, Peacemaker coils use flax paper covered cotton. Why, you ask?

  • Flax is said to lead your e liquid directly to the coil.
  • Flax absorbs e liquid more that cotton can.
  • Flax has a higher burning point that cotton – lowers risk of dry hits and burnt taste.
  • Flax is believed to enhance the flavour of your e liquid due to higher absorption rate.

The cotton and flax located within the coil work well together to create an intensely flavourful (and vapourful!) experience.

An added bonus with the B1 (and B4) Peacemaker coils is that they are also interchangeable with either Smok TFV8 Baby Coils or Vaporesso NRG Coils. Providing a myriad of options regardless of tank used.

Peacemaker B1 0.4Ω Dual Coil 40-80w Best at 55-65w

To use: If using a new coil for the first time be sure to prime it first, this starts the wicking process and helps to prevent dry hits. To prime simply unscrew the base of your tank to remove the old coil and screw in a fresh one. Drip a small amount of your e juice onto the exposed cotton. Screw back together and let your tank stand for a few minutes for the cotton to saturate. To fill the tank simply unscrew (or swivel to the side – depending on your tank) the top cap to expose the filling port. You can now add your e liquid via a unicorn or needle nosed bottle into the slot (be careful to not drip any into the centre airflow tube). Replace the top cap and allow the unit to sit for a few more minutes. Now screw (510 thread) the tank on to your mod box ready for use.

Now time for the primer puffs – without touching the firing button take a few sharp short pulls from the tank. You may see air bubbles rising to the top of the tank. Your new coil is now ready for use.

Contains: – 2 Pack of Peacemaker B1 0.4Ω Dual Coils