Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve – Honey Cream 60ml 0mg


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VG/PG: 80%/20%

This e liquid will blow your socks off. Simple in flavour profile but complex on taste. Real raw honey from Northern California is extracted to create this blend and is then mixed with different layers of Vanilla Cream. Expect a rich, opulent and smooth flavour.

Phillip Rocke, the vape guru carefully creates each e liquid himself and each liquid is steeped within authentic reclaimed brandy barrels for several months to enable a variety of flavour notes to develop. The wood of these barrels is said to absorb certain impurities, to also remove any “off taste” and to allow the flavours to develop completely. The flavour of the oak barrels adds further complexity to the end result.

Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve e liquids come in a 60ml glass bottle. Expect perfect clouds and taste with this sophisticated range. These liquids are also considered to be coil and cotton friendly. Win all round!

As per the current laws in this fine country of ours, all E-Liquids sold at We are Lux contain 0mgs of nicotine just the finest flavours we can source worldwide!

Flavour Notes – Real Raw Honey, Vanilla Cream and Oak