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Philter Labs Pocket Personal Air Filtration Device



Philter Labs is a completely new brand to me, and this is my first exposure to any of their products. Here’s a little of what I could find out. Philter Labs has a goal of becoming catalysts for social change with an understanding that though people may have the personal “right” to smoke/vape (legally of course!) that doesn’t mean that politeness and fresh air should go out the window. I kind of agree with them and think a happy medium between those who partake and those who don’t should be reached whenever possible.


Secondhand smoke kind of freaks people out and they rightly should be. Exhaled smoke (not so much with vapour) contains a vast myriad of toxic substances that can linger in the air as well as on other materials for extended periods of time. Oh, and let’s not forgot the smell of stale lingering smoke. This is where the world of personal hand-held air filtration devices comes in, leading to cleaner air for yourself and those around you.

So, this is the second handheld personal air filter range that I sell. Smoke Buddy has been a phenomenal success in both our vape and hydroponics stores, but I always like to find options that offer something a little different. 2 areas set the Pocket aside for me; portability and technology that works on a completely different premise to that of the Smoke Buddy (which uses carbon capture technology).


The entire body including mouthpiece is made entirely from silicone, making it easy to carry, hold and clean. The Philter Pocket uses patented Zero-5™ Technology to perform the magic that occurs within the device. A fairly complicated technique designed to tackle the highly varied and viscous consistency of vapour versus smoke. So, I did my research and here are steps/areas involved in this unique layered filtration process. Post inhale your smoke/vapour will pass through the following layers……

  • Emission Pre-Treatment
  • Kinetic Energy Multiplier
  • Phase Transition Chamber
  • Particulate Treatment
  • Odour Reduction
  • Lastly clean air is expelled

Sounds quite technical and a little above my area of expertise! Philter Labs stands behind this technology, even going as far as patenting their idea proclaiming that they have the first ever cutting-edge nano-filtration process that not only filters secondhand smoke/vapour but also dissolves particulates, pollutants and odours.


Fairly straightforward. Simply inhale from your cigarette, cigar, joint, pipe or vape and when it is time to exhale hold the Pocket up to your lips and exhale in a slow controlled manner. For the most effective experience I recommend covering the mouthpiece entirely with your mouth leaving as little gap as possible for smoke to escape as you exhale into the Pocket. You will be good for up to 150 exhalations before you will need to consider a replacement.

TIP: I’m not expecting you to count your exhalations so a good way to tell when your Pocket is depleted is by examining (and smelling) the air released.


Just wipe down the body of the device with a damp washcloth (or alcohol wipe). I would definitely alcohol wipe the mouthpiece from time to time especially if it has been rolling around in my handbag for a while.


x1 very small and slim Philter Labs Pocket Personal Air Filtration Device


  • Height: 9cms
  • Width: Approximately 1cm x 2cm
  • All Silicone body and mouthpiece
  • Patented Zero-5™ Technology
  • Captures and dissolves particulates, pollutants and odour
  • Works with smoke and vapour
  • Good for up to 150 exhalations

Black, Blue, Grey

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