PieceMaker Silicone Down Stem w/Bowl and Lid – 6″ Longer Size


First let’s start with the brand, PieceMaker. Considered to be one of the industry leaders in crafting nearly indestructible silicone smoking solutions (Eyce being the other leading brand of note). They tend to get quite creative with their designs and all products are made with only the finest silicone available. Various patents have been awarded to PieceMaker for their innovation and unique designs and they have a goal of creating pieces that are attractive and functional enough to move people beyond glass as their only option.

TIP: A brand so revered that there are counterfeits aplenty all over the market and PieceMaker actually has a list of sites that they recommend you avoid for that very reason (Alibaba, DHGate, eBay, Wish.com and more). I am a legitimate seller and have no time for anything counterfeit.


*14.5cms in total length

Down stems are generally made from glass, a very good option with one massive drawback – breakage! I like to get to know my customers (I am nosy) and their individual styles of smoking/vaping and I have encountered quite a wide array of customers that are looking for a more durable option. Durable as well as safe. Glass is generally preferred as it is considered to be the “cleanest’ option and does not release toxins when heated (as long as the glass is high quality). Silicone has come along way and is considered to be very safe just be sure that you are purchasing food-grade silicone as it is specifically designed to tolerate extreme heat levels.

This is the 6”, larger sized down stem and it can be used on either 14mm or 18mm openings (widens at the very top to accommodate both sizes). There are technically 3 parts and they all come apart from easy-peasy cleaning.

  • Silicone Stem (Diffusion)
  • Silicone Lid
  • Metal Flower Bowl (Stainless Steel)

I love that a lid is provided. It slips entirely over the bowl and stays in place till you remove it providing all-important odour control. Whether you like to pre-pack for the future or maybe your down stem is in need of a good clean that you keep putting off, either way just slip on the lid and get back to it later.

The flower bowl is a simple metal bowl with a multitude of holes across the base. This bowl is entirely encased in the silicone of the stem and can be popped out whenever needed. 2 reasons why I would remove it, the most obvious is to clean it but you can also insert a glass flower bowl of your choice into the opening. I have tested this (I used a Higher Standards Glass Bowl) and it worked perfectly.


6 slits are laid out in a horizontal fashion at the base of the stem (3 on each side) and this is technically a diffusion percolator. In a nutshell diffusion down stems are simple tubes with slits/holes. You smoke will pass down the stem moving towards the slits whereby the smoke is “pushed” down into the water surrounding the stem. Your smoke is then spread throughout the liquid as a multitude of smaller bubbles. Results = cooler, smoother and cleaner smoke.


There are a variety of methods you can use to effectively clean silicone. The easiest method is of course the humble dishwasher. If using this method, I recommend breaking down your Down Stem into its individual components before placing all pieces within the machine (ensure they don’t fly around and are secure).

You can also use a solution of Isopropyl Alcohol (at least 70% grade) or vinegar. You will need to soak the components for a period of time before rinsing thoroughly. Any stubborn stains can be scrubbed away with extra alcohol/vinegar. Rinse, rinse and rinse again. Then let dry and reassemble. One further option to consider is freezing your stem and then bend and manipulate the silicone body to release the gunk.


  • x1 PieceMaker Silicone Down stem
  • x1 PieceMaker Silicone Lid
  • x1 Stainless Steel Flower Bowl.


  • Made from BPA Free Silicone
  • Extremely durable
  • Removeable bowl for easy access
  • Easy to clean
  • Authentic PieceMaker product
  • Diffusion Down Stem
  • Removeable Stainless Steel Flower bowl
  • Removeable lid
  • Measures approx. 6” long (14.5CMS)
  • Will fit either 14/18mm female openings
  • Glass Flower Bowls can be used (14mm)

Kotton Kandy, Rasta Swirl

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