Pink Glow in the Dark Gas Mask with Acrylic Waterpipe



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What can I say about this particular item? I guess the picture can do the talking for me! A scary looking item at first (I was wavering back and forth on whether I should stock it) but after conferring with a few valued customers and seeing their excitement I decided to stock it.


What may appear as a novelty item at first is actually a fully functional classic gas-mask water pipe. Fully adjustable so it fits as comfortably as possible. The gas mask has been specifically designed to form a perfect seal, so you need not worry about loss of suction even during the deepest rip. To exhale there are ventilation holes located at the base of the mask allowing you to exhale without removing the mask.

The actual water pipe portion is made from acrylic. Smooth, glossy and extremely light (imagine the weight if it was made of glass!) with a removable rubber base for easy cleaning. The reservoir is perfectly aligned to the down stem, so you do not have to overload on water for a great hit. You will be the life of any party if you arrive equipped with this crazy cool device.


Please forgive me if my instructions are a little on the vague side. I have not actually used this device myself and so am guessing as to how it all goes down just from holding it in my hand.

The acrylic water pipe can be unscrewed from the mask for easy filling. I would fill with a minimal amount of water (enough to cover the base of the down stem) to keep the weight down. When you rescrew the pipe to the mask ensure that it is nice and securely back in place. I would not pack the bowl until the mask is on your face as you don’t want your herbal material flying across the room as you attempt to fit the mask! You may need a friend to help you secure the mask on and then fill the bowl. Light and inhale when ready.

Inside the mask is a small hose that attached to a valve on the outside of the mask (has an external lid that can be removed), I believe that this is for you breathe through whilst wearing the mask. At the base of the mask (chin area) is where you exhale out of, so you need not remove the mask between inhales.


Definitely an interesting device to clean. The pipe is extraordinarily easy to clean, with both the top and bottom being removal. I personally would hand wash it with mild detergent. The down stem is not removable, but the bowl unscrews to reveal the interior. I would use a pipe cleaner to maneuver around inside the down stem. Isopropyl Alcohol will work a treat on cleaning the bowl.

As for the mask I would recommend either more soapy water (on a cloth this time for easy removal) or use vinegar diluted with water (2 parts vinegar, 3 parts water or 1 cup vinegar and 1.5 cups of water). Use this solution to wipe down all the internal parts of the mask paying attention to all areas that sit around your mouth.


x1 Pink Gas mask with attached acrylic water pipe


  • Adjustable mask for perfect fit
  • Ventilation holes
  • Acrylic water pipe
  • Removable rubber base
  • Easy to clean

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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