Piranha Glass Storage Jar with Bamboo Lid – 300ml


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Piranha as a brand is all about providing you with a high-quality experience without the high price. Known primarily for their grinders, water pipes, hand pipes, storage and all manner of products for the consumption of concentrates (dabbing).  They have a constantly evolving line up and an ultimate goal of elevating your ritual.


Storage should never be overlooked as herbal material will lose potency if you don’t store it effectively. This is pretty important if this is your medicine, and you want as standardised an experience as you can get. An airtight container is crucial to protect against moisture loss (or gain) and will help keep your product fresher for longer.

TIP: Airtight storage will also help eliminate odours.

Piranha jars are made form heavy duty and high-quality glass. These are fairly basic in their design with a minimalistic feel. A round jar with a bamboo lid that has the Piranha logo etched upon it. Lift off the lid and you will see the Tight-Seal Rubber O–Ring Gasket. This thick piece of rubber creates the airtight seal when used correctly (ensure if sits in place correctly around the base of the lid).

SIZE: This particular jar is termed “medium” in size and can hold 300ml. 12cms tall and 6.5cms in diameter. A long and thin jar for smaller spaces.


  • x1 300ml Glass Storage Jar from Piranha
  • x1 Bamboo Lid (O-Ring Gasket installed)


  • 300ml | 65 x 120mm
  • High-Quality Bamboo Lid
  • Etched Logo
  • Tight-Seal Rubber O-Ring Gasket
  • High-Quality Glass
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