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Pop Can Oil Rig Coca Cola


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Dabbing, whilst not that big a deal in Australia yet is all the rage worldwide with some pretty amazing designs appearing left and right. The Pop Can Oil Rig is on the more eccentric side and is modelled on a can of soda. I chose the Coca Cola version to start with due to the almost universal appeal of the brand. I also kind of like the colour red.

Unlike a real can of soft drink, this rig is not made of aluminium but of heavy duty, heat resistant borosilicate glass. The “Coca Cola” label does not cover the entire cylinder with a clear strip above and below the label enabling you to look inside. Protruding from the top is the extended neck (shaped like a bendy straw), that acts as the mouthpiece as well as a fixed downstem with a Quartz Nail and Dome Piece (both removeable).

TIP: Quartz nails are considered by many to be superior to titanium or ceramic as they allow you to dab at lower temperatures.


The fixed down stem features 6 slits, with a 7th located along the bottom end to bring you a quite satisfactory percolation effect. Effective percolation will help cool down and smooth out the smoke before inhalation occurs. The Quartz nail and Dome are designed for easy and safe loading. If unique glassware is your thing you will love this dab rig as it has been produced in limited quantities and has been individually crafted by hand as a piece of art!


Fill your dab rig with water, I recommend filling to about 2cms (or slightly more) from the base. Overfilling may result in water splashing up as you inhale. If unsure test out by inhaling deeply and seeing if you feel any wetness.


What am I talking about you ask?? It is important to “season” any new dab nails that you may get to remove any residual metals/trace elements from production and to seal the “pores’. If this is not done, then when you first heat your new purchase the metals will leach out tainting your experience. Seasoning stops this from occurring.

To season

  • Place your nail into position.
  • Using a blow torch heat your nail until it glows red. Only heat the top of the nail.
  • Once thoroughly heated remove the torch and allow the nail to cool down. You can end here or continue to the next step.
  • The next step is more appropriate for titanium nails but can also be done with Quartz as they are considered to be quite porous in nature. Place some concentrate upon the heated nail and once it fully coats the nail remove with tongs and place the entire nail into a bowl of water. Repeat this step 3 times. Yes, I am aware that this method requires you to waste some of your concentrate!
  • You are ready for use.

To begin dabbing with your seasoned nail you will need to heat it. Ensure that your torch flame is not directed towards the body of your rig (or your own body!) as this may cause the glass to crack over time. Keep heating until the nail glows red then set your torch aside. Place the dome over the nail as you wait (frosted portion facing down). The dome will help to trap the vapor before it is inhaled.

You will now need to be patient and wait a minimum of 10 seconds (some connoisseurs wait 20-30 seconds) before adding a small amount of your herbal concentrate atop the nail (be mindful of the dome). Do not overload as the mess and wastage will really annoy you. Inhale whilst you are dabbing your material onto the nail to get vapor flowing. Exhale and get ready to be knocked off your feet!

TIP: Rotate the dabber over the nail to prevent any product sticking to your dab tool.

***Please be very very careful as parts of your dab rig will get extremely hot for a period of time.


You have 2 options in cleaning your nail; either blast it with your torch till all residue evaporates or immediately after inhaling grab an Isopropyl Alcohol doused ear bud and use it to wipe down the nail. Use the other end to wipe dry.

As for the dome and the dab rig itself, I would use Isopropyl Alcohol to soak the dome and wipe down the mouthpiece. Isopropyl (or other natural glass cleaners) can be used to clean out the interior of the rig.


x1 Borosilicate Glass Coca Cola Soda Can Dab Rig, x1 Dome Bowl and x1 Quartz Nail


  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Fixed down stem
  • 7-hole percolator down stem
  • Quartz Nail and Dome piece
  • 14mm male ground joint
  • Soda Can (Coca Cola) Decal
  • Individually hand-crafted art piece
  • Limited edition and limited in quantity
  • Height: 9.25″
  • Base Diameter: 2.50″
  • Weight: 230 Grams

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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