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Prepara Evak Medium 24oz Glass storage container


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Air takes out the freshness, EVAK takes out the air! The longer your food is exposed to air, the faster it loses flavour. Glass containers with air-tight lids are readily available, but they trap stale air in with your precious food. Evacuate the air and keep your food fresher and longer with EVAK glass storage containers by Prepara. Scientifically tested. Our Evak container was tested against the leading brand of storage container and there was no comparison.

The Evak locked in flavours for longer and kept contents fresher. It’s so simple- just push down, then pull up; no buttons or levers. Perfect for coffee, tea, cereal, dried fruits, granola, herbs, spices, confections, etc. Awarded the Number 1 Choice ‘best storage containers to keep food fresh’ by both Good Housekeeping and Progressive Grocer. The Evak has now won 4 Internationally recognized awards for its cosmetic design and its practical functionality.


* Evak collection

* Material: Glass, stainless steel and BPA free plastic

* Colour: Black

* Dishwasher safe

* Wipe clean handle

Product Details

* Lid Included: Yes

* Medium: 24 fluid ounces (approximately 710ml). 15cms tall and 9cms across

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