Prism Coloured Diffusion Down Stem (Pink, Teal/Green and Purple)


This is the year I step it up in terms of glassware, lowering the amount of brands I source whilst upping the quality, the functionality and ease of usage. A big welcome to Prism Water Pipes, a brand that wanted to shake up the industry, providing water pipes designed to eliminate issues based around cleaning/hygiene. Customisable water pipes that come apart completely allowing you to replace portions if you so desire. Prism loves a collaboration and they have paired up with some very talented graphic artists to bring you some incredible decal designs making their glass pieces worthy of showcasing. 


High Quality borosilicate glass has been used to craft these thick down stems.15cms in total length with 6 diffusion slits at the end for percolation/filtration effect. The glass is coloured and there is a frosted port for an airtight fit. Replacements for your Prism Water Pipe or any water pipe that will accept the fit and length. Your water pipe will need to accepts a 19mm connection and your flower bowl should be 14mm and male in size/gender.


x1 Prism Coloured Glass Down Stem – 14mm Male


  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Thick glass
  • Diffusion provided – 6 slits
  • Coloured glass
  • Slots into a 19mm connection point
  • Will hold a 14mm male flower bowl
  • Frosted port for airtight fit
  • 15cm long

Pink, Purple, Teal

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