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Puffco is a brand I almost never need to introduce to my customers, a trusted cult-status industry leader (since 2013) in the world of concentrates vaping with multiple awards having been won. Each Puffco Dab Rig is designed and engineered completely in-house by concentrate aficionados, using the highest-grade materials available for an out of this world experience. They have one goal, to create clean and potent experiences.

Electronic, battery powered dabbing rigs (plus associated accessories) may be what they are most known for but that hasn’t stopped Puffco from branching out to create innovative water pipes and accessories.


The Puffco Hot Knife is an electronic heated loading tool designed to replace any existing dab tools you currently use. It makes loading your concentrates a simple, clean, and effective process. No more dirty dab tools, sticky residue on clothing or surfaces, or having to wipe concentrates on the side of the bowl. Just hold down the button, and your oil drops right off in 3 seconds.

A slimline body (pen like) with a ceramic tip. You recharge it via USB-C and a full charge takes 30 minutes! Even better, it will last for at least 50 uses before another charge is required. The premise is quite simple and if you already dab you will need no instructions to get started. This hot knife is also very easy to clean, press button  to initiate warmth and wipe off the surface.


x1 Official Puffco Hot Knife Preheated Loading Tool


  • Ceramic tip
  • 30 mins to charge
  • Lasts at least 50 uses per charge and more
  • USB-C charging cable included
  • To clean, press button to warm and wipe off surface with a q-tip
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