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Puffco is a brand I almost never need to introduce to my customers, a trusted cult-status industry leader (since 2013) in the world of concentrates vaping with multiple awards having been won. Electronic, battery powered dabbing rigs (plus associated accessories) are all that they do with a goal of creating clean and potent experiences. Each Puffco Dab Rig is designed and engineered completely in-house by concentrate aficionados, using the highest-grade materials available for an out of this world experience.


To start I will clarify that this is the Power Dock for the Peak Pro BUT it is also a power bank and it can recharge any other electronic devices via the USB Port. Now that that is out of the way I can start gushing about the dock itself. I love it! Simple design that will elevate your dabbing ritual. Is it a necessity? No as you can charge your Peak Pro via the standard USB Cable provided in the kit but once you use one you will never go back (Ready mode!!!).

A simple round, low profile black dock that will hold your Puffco Peak Pro safely whilst charging. At the back you will find 2 ports (one output and one input), one allowing you to charge other electronic devices (your phone etc) and the other enables you to charge up the battery within the dock itself.

TIP: 3 hours is required to fully charge the internal battery within the dock. You can also check your battery level at any time by pressing the button once.

Once you have a fully charged dock you are now able to charge your Peak Pro in 2 different methods, wirelessly or with a cable directly to the Power Dock. You are probably wondering why you would use the cable then over a simple wireless dock. One simple reason, the cable method will allow for 2 full charges before the dock needs a recharge whilst the wireless method only provides one full charge.


Ready mode (and the sleek design) is kind of the reason why I love this device! Firstly, this mode is accessed via the PuffCo Peak App and once you pair to the app you are ready to go. Ready mode is all about ease of access with the least amount of effort on your part. So, here’s the scenario; you are connected, have enabled the app and your Peak Pro is happily sitting in the Power Dock charging. All is right with the world. You pick up the Peak Pro and voila with no prompting from you the heating cycle begins. No buttons to push, just wait for the last set temperature to be reached and inhale! Re-dock for further charging. Brilliant!


  • x1 Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock
  • x1 Puffco Peak Pro USB-C Cable


  • Official Puffco Peak Pro Products
  • Power bank
  • Wire charging for the Peak Pro
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